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>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  24feb2018(sa)00:01  No.57287  OP  P1
Summer's Birthday v0.5 FIXED

I guess you can call it v0.5.1 if you'd like. The issue with Gwendolyn's cum scene turning on the face partner should be fixed.

Summer's Birthday v0.5.1.swf (4.81 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 69 frames, 24 fps (00:03).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Tatter  24feb2018(sa)00:07  No.57289  A  P2R1
Would you mind giving me a little nod in the direction of solving the ballon code?
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  24feb2018(sa)00:15  No.57290  OP  P3R2
***Secret spoiler***
There's a note on the bottom right corner of the bulletin board in the background of the garage scene - click it and it will tell you the directional code (L=left, M=middle, R=right). The colors are the color of the balloons that correspond to the directional letters. Enjoy!
>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)00:42  No.57291  B  P4R3
No incest allowed lol?
>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)01:28  No.57292  C  P5R4
>no incest option because m-muh patreon money
>faggots supporting this shit


>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  24feb2018(sa)02:48  No.57293  OP  P6R5
Unfortunately that's right.
>how dare an artist not sacrifice his income for incest, even though it wasn't in the original and was only added because people asked for it!
>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)03:01  No.57294  D  P7R6
could "leak" a version without the code that forces switching ;)
>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)03:07  No.57295  E  P8R7
Are you telling us that Patreon has specific rules that disallow artists from making drawn incest porn?
>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)03:29  No.57296  F  P9R8
is it me or does the titjob button not work?
>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)03:36  No.57297  F  P10
nevermind, it was just me
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  24feb2018(sa)04:08  No.57299  OP  P11R9
I'm thinking about it. If I do, it will be here since there's no "profile" account related to my Patreon here; I can just remove the links from the flash and I'd be golden (doing this was actually confirmed as alright by Patreon, as long as there are no links to Patreon). The main problem is that the "bottom" switch is so integrated with my spaghetti coding in this one that it'll be difficult.

From Patreon's Community guidelines (
"We have zero tolerance when it comes to the glorification of sexual violence which includes bestiality, rape, and child exploitation (i.e., sexualized depiction of minors). This is true for illustrated, animated, or any other type of content..."
"...We also do not allow other fringe sexual fetish content, such as incest, necrophilia, or fetish content that is hard to distinguish from non-consensual sex."


I'm so glad it was just you, every time I think I fixed everything someone finds another thing, LOL

>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)04:23  No.57300  D  P12R10
I'm assuming you're using else if statements, so maybe just commenting out the specific switch part would work
>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)06:37  No.57303  G  P13R11
Weird, doesn't seem to work for me either.
>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)07:06  No.57304  H  P14R12
i thought those guidelines were for live action porn. i mean there are several people who are violating guideline that i pay if they arent
>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)07:11  No.57305  I  P15R13
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  24feb2018(sa)07:26  No.57306  OP  P16R14
Live-action porn isn't allowed on Patreon at all. There are plenty of people who violate the rules; lots of people have already gotten suspended until the content was removed.

Ha, nice! That was quick!

>>Anonymous  25feb2018(su)00:55  No.57311  B  P17R15
Wait, so then how does animopron bring in his patreon money?
>>Anonymous  25feb2018(su)04:11  No.57314  E  P18R16
I see, Patreon is still so full of shit. I've seen loli artists there making a lot of money or artists making stuff that definitely can be seen as rape.

They still hide behind their vague rules and pretend to not see anything unless some kind of backlash happens and then they can pretend that it slipped through the cracks. Bullshit, it really doesn't take long to inspect artists that make some kind of monthly money above what can be seen as the vast majority of accounts.

Patreon earns a vast amount of money for doing almost nothing at all. Their "work" is having automated systems in place that move money around. They could easily afford some guy that spend all his days just clicking around inspecting accounts that earn more than 10 bucks per month.

>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  25feb2018(su)04:58  No.57318  OP  P19R17
Honestly there are plenty of Patreon accounts out there that will continue breaking the rules. They may or may not eventually get suspended; I'm just not willing to take that risk for a fetish I'm not especially invested in.

I wouldn't say they do nothing. Patreon's great, I wouldn't be doing this at all without it. I'm also not so sure these new specific guidelines were their idea (most likely a partner *cough*pisspal*cough*)...

>>Anonymous  25feb2018(su)07:05  No.57320  J  P20R18
Just wish there was a cum scene for the titjob, or did I miss anything?
That would be perfect.
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  25feb2018(su)08:08  No.57321  OP  P21R19
Cum scene for titjob along with a bunch of other options will be available next time. ;)
>>Anonymous  25feb2018(su)11:20  No.57323  K  P22R20
A bunch of other options in general or does that include the titjob scene? Crossing my fingers for more to be added to that XD
>>Anonymous  25feb2018(su)21:44  No.57331  L  P23R21
You made the flash where Rick fucks Beth. So how is this any different?
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  25feb2018(su)23:05  No.57342  OP  P24R22
Haha yeah, more options for the titjob!

That was before Patreon elaborated their rules.

>>Anonymous  26feb2018(mo)01:49  No.57346  M  P25R23
Who the fuck cares about incest anyway? It's barely even a fetish. It's just braincancer manifested in human behavior.
>>Anonymous  26feb2018(mo)02:08  No.57347  L  P26R24
>Summer: off
>(I'm a feminist I swear)
What did he mean by this?
>>Anonymous  26feb2018(mo)02:34  No.57349  L  P27
Another glitch I found. If the pregnant option is selected and the character is swapped, the stomach deflates during subsequent cum scenes.
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  26feb2018(mo)02:46  No.57350  OP  P28R25
Yeah, seems like a strange thing to go after....

It's a joke, because it can be seen as demeaning by super vanilla people.

Thanks for finding that - I will fix this ASAP!

>>Anonymous  26feb2018(mo)04:43  No.57353  N  P29R26
I wanted to pair Summer and Beth.

Someone should make this shit work pls.

>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  26feb2018(mo)04:46  No.57354  OP  P30R27
BartMicguy made an incest edit, I plan on doing an "official" one soon (I don't want the Patreon links in there, and it's a little glitchy with just the "hide boxes" taken out).
>>Anonymous  26feb2018(mo)07:27  No.57358  O  P31R28
No tolerance for bestiality, and yet Breeding Season was making... how much? $42K per month?
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  26feb2018(mo)08:54  No.57359  OP  P32R29
Yup. I think that was before they started cracking down on content, though, wasn't it?
>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)17:40  No.57474  P  P33R30
Well, swfchan's patreon was instantly deleted without any notice or feedback, while having sought out prior permission from the start.
But that's because it's a virus infected scamming shithole and not because of random arbitrary enforcement of meaningless rules by the whining of a single individual, right?
>>Shrek  1mar2018(th)20:36  No.57476  Q  P34R31

Whoops wrong thread, sorry everyone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  2mar2018(fr)00:19  No.57481  OP  P35R32
Oh, Shrek!
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