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>>Anonymous  23feb2018(fr)02:39  No.57258  OP  P1
TFH_V1.swf (65.63 MiB)
1280x900, Compressed. 8 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver28, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  23feb2018(fr)03:45  No.57264  A  P2R1
I don't want to keep saying this over and over again and again and again... why isn't the vector graphics in vectors? The flash would look A LOT better and it would be less than 10 MiB in size. Whyyyyy...?

This is a high level flash so it pains me so much to see swf used only for navigational/text purposes while the meat of the content is in inferior raster graphics. Especially when it's blatantly obvious that the graphics are in fact suitable to be presented with vectors.

>>Anonymous  23feb2018(fr)03:57  No.57265  B  P3
>wait 10 minutes for flash to load
>it's fucking mlp
>>Anonymous  23feb2018(fr)08:49  No.57268  C  P4R2
>I don't want to keep saying this over and over again
just stop saying so and go make your own you autist
>>Anonymous  23feb2018(fr)08:59  No.57269  D  P5R3
>65 megabytes
What the fuck are you doing?
>>Anonymous  23feb2018(fr)11:26  No.57271  E  P6R4
Apparently, ball gags do nothing.


>>Anonymous  23feb2018(fr)11:28  No.57272  F  P7R5
thanks. i was about to waste my time loading this
>>Anonymous  25feb2018(su)22:40  No.57341  G  P8R6
>>Anonymous  27feb2018(tu)00:40  No.57376  H  P9R7
>"hey guys I'm making a dazzlings game support me on patreon"
>six months later...
>"hey guys, the equestria rpg I'm making is coming along great shouldn't be much longer now! The dazzlings game? Oh I'll finish that after this, its gonna be so cool, support me on patreon"
>9 months later...
>"Dudes check out this new animation software I just bought with my patreon bux, its so fresh, making this Fluttershy animation is going to be a breeze! Oh that rpg? I'm done with that, it was way too much work. I've learned my lesson, no more big projects, just small fun animations or games. And don't worry, the dazzlings game is coming right after I practice with this fluttershy animation, support me on patreon!"
>1 year later...
>"GUYS!!! I made this super hilarious 10 minute long rick and morty thing on youtube, I kinda got side-tracked from the fluttershy animation but it was so worth it to make this!!! I'll get right back on schedule right after I finish the sequel rick and morty thing I'm working on, support me on patreon."
too bad tiarawhy is such a raging faggot, that dazzling thing looked really promising
>>Anonymous  27feb2018(tu)03:55  No.57390  A  P10R8
This flash is breaking Patreon's terms of service btw since it clearly has rape in it. Just like so many other works on Patreon...
>>Anonymous  27feb2018(tu)12:45  No.57410  I  P11R9
>by the way heres a .5 second loop on that animation i've been working on since 2014
classic tiarawhy, makes his own website and hosts other peoples work while he does literally nothing unless its something literally nobody cares about like animating that rick and morty sketch
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