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>>Anonymous  14feb2018(we)21:48  No.57047  OP  P1
requesting fixed version

sex_machine by burrowers.swf (4.57 MiB)
640x640, Uncompressed. 451 frames, 30 fps (00:15).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  15feb2018(th)17:11  No.57073  A  P2

Here's how you can fix it yourself:

1) Get a knife from your mother's kitchen drawer.
2) Sharpen it. Really hone that edge until it can easily cut through the very drawer you took it out of.
3) Make yourself comfortable. Maybe in the bathtub.
4) Now here's the really important part: Cut across the length of your forearm and relax until you fall asleep.

Incredibly simple, isn't it? Now get to it, little bird.

>>Anonymous  16feb2018(fr)12:24  No.57093  B  P3R1
All that alliterative effort and you don't even know that it's across the street for attention, down the road for results.
>>Anonymous  16feb2018(fr)15:39  No.57094  OP  P4R2
He did say "across the length", which means "down the length".
>>Anonymous  16feb2018(fr)15:43  No.57095  OP  P5
Actually never mind, I that read wrong. Across the width would have been right.
>>Anonymous  17feb2018(sa)00:48  No.57097  C  P6R3
a simple kys would have sufficed and made you sound less like an edgelord
>>Anonymous  17feb2018(sa)01:35  No.57105  D  P7R4
if the 'fixed version' anon actually goes to such lengths I will be genuinely impressed
>>Anonymous  17feb2018(sa)03:49  No.57109  E  P8R5
what is there to fix?
i dont think theres a convincing way to get rid of her pants...
>>Anonymous  17feb2018(sa)04:52  No.57110  F  P9R6
>>Anonymous  17feb2018(sa)08:21  No.57115  G  P10R7
would make it sound more like an edgelord imo
at least >>57073 showed effort to tell OP to take his memes into oblivion
>>Anonymous  19feb2018(mo)22:43  No.57177  H  P11R8
I don't understand why political/racial discussion is so prevalent in the comment sections of porn sites, is it insecurity? Is it boredom? This place is far from being an isolated case.
>>Anonymous  20feb2018(tu)01:05  No.57180  I  P12R9
>see black dick size
>see own dicklet
>get buttmad

It's pretty simple actually.

>>???? ????  23feb2018(fr)01:36  No.57255  J  P13R10
That would be hilarious.
>>Anonymous  27feb2018(tu)13:25  No.57411  K  P14R11
De-niggered version when :^)
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