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>>Anonymous  14feb2018(we)06:27  No.57036  OP  P1
Trials in Tainted Space

Most recent public update

TiTS 0.7.136.swf (34.14 MiB)
1200x800, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver39, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)05:26  No.57689  A  P2R1
Ohh great... they added more traps and fat chicks.

Best game ever....

>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)15:09  No.57704  B  P3R2
At this point i'd be happy if he just made some fucking progress on the main game instead of focusing on optional content and adding cocks to everything. At least then there would be a point to the game besides having sex with everything.
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)20:59  No.57712  C  P4R3
faggots truly ruin everything
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)22:30  No.57714  D  P5R4
From the sounds of it the game is still biased towards fetish shit.

On the patreon it says you can play as a regular mercenary but last I played every choice always read like it was leading you to sex until you steer away at the last moment. Doesn't sound like many options have been added there.

I get you have to please the freaks paying you, but only doing what they want makes it harder to appeal to other people not into that stuff.

guess i'll go back to coc

>>Anonymous  10mar2018(sa)02:37  No.57756  E  P6R5
>arrive on new texas
>customs forces disarmament to enter

straight into the recycle bin with this one

>>Anonymous  10mar2018(sa)16:11  No.57766  F  P7R6
Never got the appeal of this.
We're not living in the 80s anymore, why are there so many text adventures. And so fucking lazily written too.
>>Anonymous  11mar2018(su)03:13  No.57776  G  P8R7
Its like roleplaying but with ease of control. You use your imagination and there you go.
>>Anonymous  13mar2018(tu)14:19  No.57824  H  P9R8
I can understand that, but It's be nice if there was more art of the scenes and stuff to give you a better idea of the scene. Besides reading wall after wall of text can get exhausting.
>>Anonymous  14mar2018(we)06:47  No.57842  G  P10R9
Thats why I like coc cause it has less text to read. Also i just skim the text to the best parts. If its an essay i just close the game and look on rule34.
>>Anonymous  14mar2018(we)08:47  No.57847  I  P11R10
what's your beef with text adventures? i'd like to see more personally
>>Anonymous  15mar2018(th)07:16  No.57868  J  P12R11
Cause the writing is shit and cringe worthy. It's crazy that instead of progressing in writing skill through the years, that they've instead regressed. CoC is leagues better than this "game." And I personally don't mind text based games, but this is more of a woman's game. (If you know a modicum of psychology, you'd know women are much more "imaginative" when it comes to sexuality) It wouldn't hurt to add reasonably sized portraits of the characters you're speaking to. Though, this would add a lot more work and probably money, to implement. (Hiring artists and whatnot)
>>Anonymous  16mar2018(fr)20:06  No.57918  K  P13R12
Nazis come here again to ruin the thread
>>Anonymous  16mar2018(fr)22:55  No.57920  B  P14R13
Ebin bait, friend.
>>Anonymous  17mar2018(sa)03:08  No.57924  C  P15R14
never reply to me again
>>Anonymous  17mar2018(sa)06:29  No.57925  G  P16R15
You tell em dad!
>>???? ????  17mar2018(sa)18:26  No.57941  L  P17R16
From everything I just read I'm unsure which is more confusing this thread, the game, or the fact I typed this
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