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>>Anonymous  12feb2018(mo)08:31  No.56972  OP  P1
Paraphore 0.9.9

Paraphore 0.9.9

2113665_Kittery_paraphore099.swf (17.31 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver23, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  12feb2018(mo)08:44  No.56973  A  P2R1
Ah yes. The shockingly quality fucked up fetish game.
>>Anonymous  12feb2018(mo)15:14  No.56977  B  P3R2
People actually donate money for this game to be made.

Emotionally disturbed people have seemingly little to do with their money.

>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)02:17  No.56997  C  P4R3

Have you ever considered that fantasy is different from reality?

I don't judge you for having conniptions when there's a flash with niggers in it, do I?

>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)06:11  No.57003  D  P5R4
I don't know, do you?
I don't thing this question works with anonymity, but I get what you're saying.

This flash is still fucked up, though.

>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)07:40  No.57004  E  P6R5
>Have you ever considered that fantasy is different from reality?

He never said anything about it being equal to reality, he said it's emotionally disturbing. If you're rubbing one out to your vore-furfaggot fetish (especially defending said fetish) he's pretty entitled to calling you emotionally disturbed.

Go touch a girl for once. Faggot.

>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)07:40  No.57005  E  P7
>How dare you call me emotionally disturbed for rubbing my meat to furry vore???? It's not like it's real!!

Fucking lmao

>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)09:25  No.57011  F  P8R6
I staple tapeworms on my penis.
So the flesh worm will drink brain juice from your fetus.
>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)12:15  No.57012  G  P9R7
this pear game is awesome wtf are you guys talking about
>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)13:42  No.57020  H  P10
>Don't kinkshame me!!!
Kill yourself, you fucking faggot
>>Anonymous  14feb2018(we)00:20  No.57029  I  P11R8
I thought you guys were just over exaggerating how fuck up this is, but good god.
>>Anonymous  14feb2018(we)10:17  No.57042  J  P12R9
Feel the blood gushing from your anus
>>Anonymous  14feb2018(we)14:20  No.57043  K  P13R10
"Do not try this at home"

Well fuck, there go my plans for the weekend

>>Anonymous  14feb2018(we)22:27  No.57049  L  P14R11
i also have heard this song
how do you do fellow song hearers
>>Anonymous  15feb2018(th)15:40  No.57070  F  P15R12
Admit that you did not quote anything from the song just because there aren't any lyrics left :P
>>Anonymous  16feb2018(fr)03:50  No.57087  M  P16R13
>>Anonymous  26feb2018(mo)06:31  No.57356  N  P17R14
How do I access "Help out with the glowbunny tests" option?
>>Anonymous  26feb2018(mo)07:14  No.57357  O  P18R15
I've read the song. Had some trouble hearing what was actually said the first time I listened to it. Now that I know the lyrics I do hear it. I'll let some more people into the club:

>Passenger of Shit - Staple Tapeworms On My Penis
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