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>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)20:26  No.56585  OP  P1
Glad to know PeachyPop isn't stealing art anymore, but if you really wanna go the minus8 route, you can at least steal music like he does.

Piranha Plant Fun.swf (447.4 KiB)
810.35x810, Compressed. 592 frames, 30 fps (00:20).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)21:44  No.56586  A  P2R1
mute huh?
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)00:03  No.56589  B  P3R2
>>???? ????  26jan2018(fr)00:18  No.56590  C  P4R3
If she's really wanted to go the minus8 route, then she shouldn't have made a paywall.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)02:14  No.56598  D  P5R4
After being forced to hear that copypasta'd Super Mario World "bwoam" in all her flashes it's a breath of fresh air.
>>Shrek  26jan2018(fr)03:13  No.56602  E  P6R5
Just let this shit dies until the whale makes decent content that makes you cum. and minus8 is just lazy.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)03:45  No.56603  F  P7R6

B-but I need to protect M'lady feelings. Maybe she will have virtual sex with her if I orbit her.

>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)03:46  No.56604  A  P8R7
but it's not much work to find another track to copy in there
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)04:19  No.56606  G  P9R8
>glad to know PeachyPop isn't stealing art anymore
but at what cost?
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)04:39  No.56607  H  P10R9
Maybe she'll adapt and improve her own artwork to the point where she can feel confident enough to use a different sexual fetish besides tentacle stuff.

Maybe she'll vary the source material she decides to make porn with. To me, even though it's still trash, it's a step in the right direction. So, credit where credit's due... I guess.

>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)05:02  No.56608  OP  P11R10
I dunno. I liked his pac-man animation a little bit ago.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)05:06  No.56609  I  P12R11
I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)07:21  No.56611  J  P13R12
How else she is supposed to fund her pig lard on deep fried twinkie diet?
The fatso will starve otherwise
Also notice that the landwhale is constantly projecting itself in these crappy flashes
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)08:07  No.56615  K  P14R13
>See PP34
>go to reply
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)08:11  No.56616  K  P15
I didn't even look at it yet I just saw the number of reply and had to see.
But for real it's not bad.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)15:28  No.56620  L  P16R14
if she wants to get fucked so bad, there's plenty of people willing to fuck whales, trust me.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)15:28  No.56621  A  P17R15
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)19:28  No.56625  M  P18R16
urgh disgusting whale
>>???? ????  26jan2018(fr)22:51  No.56628  C  P19R17
I love how creative these insult are. I gotta write this down!
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)23:12  No.56631  N  P20R18
boy I sure do love fully clothed women in porn
>>Anonymous  27jan2018(sa)06:26  No.56646  D  P21R19
You can call -8 lazy but there's no denying that his work has far more effort and talent put into them than anything PP can churn out. Besides, bullying a 30+ year-old brown Korean is punching down and nobody likes that.
>>Shrek  27jan2018(sa)10:09  No.56649  E  P22R20
Go to a whorehouse and get yourself a decent girl to fuck with. Fucking a virtual whale isn't worth it boyo.

>>56608 >>56646
meh, if minus8 put more effort in his flashes. I can tell he'll be the next zone successor.

>>Anonymous  27jan2018(sa)17:38  No.56656  OP  P23R21
This, but unironically. Not necessarily in the case of this flash, but generally, yes.
>>Anonymous  27jan2018(sa)17:52  No.56657  J  P24R22
You do know that -8 is South Korean, right? It's illegal to produce porn in South Korea. Trying to make profit off his own work would be suicide
Jail time, permanent record and getting assfucked by jailed yakuza or triad members.
>>???? ????  28jan2018(su)05:16  No.56663  C  P25R23
Shrek is savage
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)07:22  No.56666  D  P26R24
-8 is kind of an emotional faggot so a lot of his energy is spent making something, building up the courage to release it, and then wiping any trace of himself off the internet because the crazy feminist SK government can and will track him down and rape him (and not in a good way)
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)08:09  No.56667  O  P27R25
>crazy feminist SK government
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)10:44  No.56669  J  P28R26
-8 is south korean. The population is forcefed SJW brainwashing, hell last South Korean was corrupted to the point that he resigned after risking riots to outright civil war.
Is it that hard to understand?
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)12:12  No.56670  P  P29R27
not to mention the fact that hes constantly seeking attention from people on the internet but not through compliments but for people to demean themselves for his ego, but even then he just pushes those people away so literally no feedback at all satisfies him except when another artist has a cute oc and lets him draw his self insert fucking them. -8 is a fucking wreck through and through, great shit tho, as simple as it is, hes the only one doin it right
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)16:23  No.56672  Q  P30R28
A whole country dedicated to that shit even
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)19:15  No.56674  J  P31R29
Japan? They know how to arm their harpoons if you know what I mean
>>???? ????  28jan2018(su)19:51  No.56676  C  P32R30
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) oh yeah
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)21:33  No.56681  R  P33R31
tentacles with no body distortion/bulge/inflation are the most boring thing, like at that point why even bother with them
>>Jesus  31jan2018(we)05:39  No.56774  S  P34R32
This is not bad

but i really miss Minus8
he really made good animations, PP34 is just just a poor substitute

>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)05:51  No.56777  T  P35R33
Hating peachypop is just a meme. We don't actually mean it.
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)05:57  No.56778  T  P36
>>56666 (checked)
Nice quads.
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)14:33  No.56779  U  P37R34
You mean hyperchristian fascist SK government.
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)14:34  No.56780  U  P38
Fuck off retard. Learn something about the outside world. South Korea is filled with batshit insane radical bronze age jew death cult believing Christian nutcases. That's why they're so against porn. They're all retarded evangelists on fucking crack and meth.
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)17:57  No.56790  J  P39R35
8 goddessess, feminazi bullshit. Previous president was a puppet for 8 goddesses.
Klowns in general are no different from ant people.
How do you not know this are you a ricenigger yourself?
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)22:28  No.56794  V  P40R36
Just gonna leave this here:


>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)23:17  No.56796  W  P41R37
Hate is a strong word; i just think she's a fucking hack. Hell, take this one for example: constant switching dutch angles, auto-progression without any options for it, fully dressed without any strip options or even any erect nipples. I honestly don't care about audio or sound, but the times that she actually used them were poorly implemented, and of course the constant tracing with a sizable watermark and then putting it all behind a patreon pay wall.

I'm pretty sure we mean it.

>>Jesus  1feb2018(th)04:13  No.56804  S  P42R38
holy shit that's sad
no wonder why gone to the bunker, though
can't he just fuckin move and make a patron somewhere else? we'll fuckin give our shekels generously if he actually made it a full time job
>>Anonymous  5feb2018(mo)14:28  No.56872  X  P43R39
What does she look like? People keep calling her a whale but I need to see for myself, anyone got pictures?
>>Anonymous  5feb2018(mo)19:23  No.56873  Y  P44R40

The worst thing from Worst Korea is "fan death", how a "first-world" culture still believe in such bullshit is beyond me.

This is comparable to "penis melting combs" in Nigeria or other african shithole.

>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)03:51  No.57298  Z  P45R41
The closest thing I got is this girl name Jess Green, but most likely it's not her.

 Might be PP34.jpg

>>Anonymous  24feb2018(sa)08:55  No.57307  AA  P46
Not even close
You have to be pretty fucking autistic that PP34 is projecting hesheitself with that redhead blob of a lard avatar,
PS you're a faggot for not saging
>>???? ????  26feb2018(mo)04:04  No.57352  Z  P47
Calm down. Mr.HotShot
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