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>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)13:18  No.56549  OP  P1
ajin jasonafex.swf (9.5 MiB)
810x1080, Compressed. 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)22:19  No.56566  A  P2R1
god i love that deep throat gag noise
>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)01:44  No.56568  B  P3R2
His penis looks like a carrot
>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)02:57  No.56569  C  P4R3
FYI: This is the flash that got Jasonafex finally banned from e621 after he had yet another spergout in the comments.

He blamed gay furries for the reason that people didn't like his latest comic that had a straight ending.

Not the shit writing, or the shit characters, or the shit everything.

It was all the gay furries' fault.

>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)03:23  No.56570  D  P5R4

He is not wrong, gay furries always try to force their faggotry in everything("There will be shit-pushing in this? If not, I'm removing support") and deserves to be gassed, but that is JasonAfex only skill:

>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)04:58  No.56572  C  P6R5

I mean if you want to be a retard then okay.

>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)06:30  No.56573  E  P7R6
>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)07:42  No.56577  F  P8R7
>Not calling gays for what they are
>Repeating yourself
Jasonafex and his furfag cancer deserves to be gassed
>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)09:17  No.56578  C  P9R8

Also there's this


Okay Mr. Edgy, whatever you say. :^)

>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)02:18  No.56599  G  P10R9
To be fair I wouldn't put it past gays in the furry community of all things. Faggots have a way of ruining a lot of things very easily.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)02:56  No.56601  H  P11R10
Jasonafex vs gay furfags
Whoever loses, we win.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)07:24  No.56613  F  P12R11
>Still going furfags dindu nuffin
Either you are a furfag yourself or a newfag.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)18:40  No.56622  C  P13R12

Jasonafex Apologist Squad spotted

>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)18:55  No.56623  C  P14

You realize that it was a straight *ending*, meaning there was gay in the comic, right?

And that Jasonafex does a *lot* of gay shit, too, right?

I think you guys are just being retarded now. Or are shilling for him. Which is actually the same thing.

>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)18:57  No.56624  I  P15R13
It would be nice if he made some lesbo animations & not the gay swfs. Nobody wants to make a epic hot swf with a rule 63 of Disney animated Cheshire Cat having lesbo sex with the Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat with audio added.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)19:34  No.56626  C  P16R14

There are lesbian animations though

Also be careful saying that shit here, some people think gay women are bad too.

>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)23:58  No.56637  J  P17R15
only kindergarteners are aroused by lesbo though
get that gay shit out
>>Anonymous  27jan2018(sa)06:23  No.56645  G  P18R16
I'm not defending Jasonafex, but it's a fact that gays, much like niggers, have an obtuse sense of self-entitlement and take everything personally. It would not surprise me if they lodge complaints against a work that didn't end how they wanted to with their justification being "I'm gay and I like gay stuff so it should be that way".

I can see a situation where you try to appeal to people who like something, they deride your work because it doesn't have enough of it but doesn't suffer from a lack of, and then you decide you're not having any of their shit anymore. Fuck them.

>>Anonymous  27jan2018(sa)07:26  No.56648  F  P19R17
Literal furfaggot fails to understand chan lingo
>>Anonymous  27jan2018(sa)12:15  No.56651  C  P20R18

I'm bisexual lol

>>Anonymous  27jan2018(sa)13:04  No.56652  K  P21R19
>his comic
I thought that 'afex only did shitty tweening "animations" and slapped his name on everything, his gf is the one who did basically all the work on the comics in my recollection.

Gays can't ruin what's already shit.
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