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>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)06:13  No.56543  OP  P1
Samus Aran-Cum Hunter

Samus Is one slutty bounty hunter

source: hunter

Samus_Aran-Cumhunter.swf (60.7 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 3 frames, 120 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)15:53  No.56551  A  P2R1
Cool! Just wish it would keep looping a scene until you click.
>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)20:14  No.56553  OP  P3R2

Damn I wish I knew how to do that, this is just a giant FLV file atm.

>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)21:32  No.56563  B  P4R3
It wouldn't really look and sound good anyway if the animation wasn't designed to loop like that.
But my best guess would be:
Use Adobe Flash CS, convert the sauce into an embedable flv (inferior quality), manually look for frames that would make for good looping points, insert AS into those end-frames that gotoAndPlay to the starting loop frame. Now comes the hard part. Look for a suitable mouse event handler function and use it on all the frames of one loop that goes to the first frame after the looping section. Best would be to make two buttons on each side (you'd have to draw/find them yourselves if you want more than invisible ones), that advance to the last and next section respectively.
Export swf with good quality/filesize settings.

A quite more dauting task than "just convert that shit", but it would make for actual OC.

>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)18:18  No.56758  C  P5R4
This is just various sfm videos glued together.... Most of them come from noname55, his stuff can be found freely, same with the other creator ambrosine92.... without the shitty music too...

Why? So much effort for nothing. I though it has some semblance of a plot but it's just some cuts from a video to another...
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