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>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)10:55  No.56487  OP  P1
Talking horse fucking bird.swf (7.65 MiB)
352x288, Uncompressed. 5517 frames, 15 fps (06:08).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)11:00  No.56488  A  P2R1
God no, why I have to remember this. Why can't we delete memories?
>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)11:27  No.56491  B  P3R2
I am confushon, amerika explan
>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)12:39  No.56492  C  P4R3
Life, uh, finds a way.
>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)12:55  No.56494  D  P5R4
This is proof that god or aliens don't exist otherwise they would've nuked us from existence by now
>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)13:28  No.56495  E  P6R5
This is one of those moments where I question why do we even exist.
>>Anonymous  4feb2018(su)04:57  No.56850  F  P7R6
>>Anonymous  4feb2018(su)05:19  No.56851  G  P8R7
Meh, I liked Beef Curtains more
>>shingo  4feb2018(su)07:46  No.56853  H  P9R8
Syka blyat, WTF, )))
>>???? ????  4feb2018(su)22:20  No.56861  I  P10R9
What the fuck.
>>Anonymous  5feb2018(mo)08:21  No.56869  J  P11R10
this is what acid is like
>>Anonymous  5feb2018(mo)21:26  No.56875  K  P12R11
Why someone would animate something like this nowadays with patreons and all kinds of furry, zoophilia fetishes is not really a question, but why anyone would made this kind of shit many years ago?... it is a bizzare case and a very ugly one, this can easily traumatize any unfortunate internet newbie, who somehow stumbles upon it. Anyway, let this thread die, there's nothing to discuss over here.
>>Anonymous  6feb2018(tu)03:45  No.56880  L  P13R12
can you explain why you want this thread to die?
>>Anonymous  6feb2018(tu)08:48  No.56886  M  P14R13
everyday we drift farther from god's light
>>Anonymous  7feb2018(we)01:40  No.56898  N  P15R14
Really, IMPLYING, that all these fucked up fetishes and mentalities just surfaced in [[currentYear]] and were not always present in the minds of humans.
True, back then there weren't hundreds of people living off that on patreon, but guess one guy got his lucky call to have this made.
Animation is just a very recent thing compared to still images, but even in the times of black&white animation, such cartoons did occasionally exist.
>>Anonymous  7feb2018(we)02:22  No.56902  O  P16R15
Classic /f/.
>>Shrek  7feb2018(we)18:22  No.56917  P  P17R16

Welp, i'll remember ya'll in therapy.

>>Anonymous  7feb2018(we)23:56  No.56919  G  P18R17
into the trash it goes
>>Anonymous  10feb2018(sa)12:16  No.56947  Q  P19R18
i almost contemplated not fapping and going straight to sleep after this.

This needs to stop before it spreads.

>>Anonymous  11feb2018(su)13:53  No.56957  R  P20R19
because he's scared. you could say he's... chicken
>>Anonymous  14feb2018(we)01:46  No.57031  L  P21R20
In Pompeii there was a statue of Pan fucking a goat in the town square, so this is far from a recent phenomenon.
>>Anonymous  14feb2018(we)04:45  No.57035  S  P22R21
5517 frames of hot horse on bird action.
>>Anonymous  15feb2018(th)15:41  No.57071  N  P23R22
Technically I'd say it's rather bird on horse action.
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