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>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)18:53  No.56462  OP  P1
Here it is.

Creambee - PPT V2.swf (3.62 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed. 11 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)11:02  No.56489  A  P2R1
Cheers for the Auto Fap function. Hope to see it in all future works please.
>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)11:19  No.56490  B  P3R2
Those look like nigger hands. Fix it.
>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)12:41  No.56493  C  P4R3
the filename should be in the same format as the previous flash
>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)17:54  No.56506  OP  P5R4
Pretty sure they're just silhouettes.

Just uploading with the filename it comes with as I have been doing. They all start with "Creambee" so it shouldn't be hard to find this stuff if anyone needs to.

>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)00:52  No.56517  D  P6R5
Oh wow thanks!
>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)12:41  No.56526  E  P7R6
I personally replaced like 10 black dicks from porn swfs, and sometimes even made the women black to really drive the point home, but I feel the need to tell you somthing, to give you some advice...
You need to calm the fuck down.
>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)23:53  No.56534  F  P8R7
Faded silhouette hands meant to leave the race/skin color of the player ambiguous, especially considering you can change the color of your dick, though certain colors aren't exclusive to a certain race. Asians for example usually have penises almost as dark as black people.
>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)02:31  No.56536  G  P9R8
Kasumi Rebirth ripoff
>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)03:31  No.56537  H  P10R9
Imagine being this obsessed with black people.
>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)04:25  No.56538  I  P11R10

The feminine penis is what makes it great. Besides it is more gameable.

>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)07:23  No.56612  J  P12R11
ok so how do you penetrate
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)07:46  No.56614  K  P13R12
Click and drag the peepee up.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)09:13  No.56617  J  P14R13
finally figured it out. i peeped the question mark thought it was just a WIP placeholder
>>Anonymous  29jan2018(mo)00:24  No.56689  B  P15R14
What happens when the big heart starts bubbling?
>>Anonymous  29jan2018(mo)20:33  No.56721  L  P16R15

actually more like that flash where a girl get stuck in a window... which is older than kasumi rebirth

>>Anonymous  29jan2018(mo)22:00  No.56724  M  P17R16
Not bad, good to see this artist finally improving.
>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)20:25  No.56761  N  P18R17
>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)20:54  No.56762  O  P19R18
Then the dick starts dribbling

Window girl, yeah.

>>Anonymous  9feb2018(fr)10:53  No.56941  P  P20R19
Why did you make the hand a white silhouette, it looks like a ghost is jerking you off.
>>Anonymous  9feb2018(fr)15:56  No.56942  Q  P21R20
Why no auto jerk for Peach's dick?
>>Anonymous  10feb2018(sa)05:17  No.56946  OP  P22R21
Also wondering this. Hopefully Creambee fixes that in the next version.
>>Anonymous  12feb2018(mo)16:45  No.56979  R  P23R22
There is. Drag to the left. You can also make her suck her dick by dragging forward, but it can be finicky.
>>Anonymous  18feb2018(su)02:05  No.57130  F  P24R23
New version is out on his patreon

>>Anonymous  18feb2018(su)02:08  No.57131  OP  P25R24
I presume he meant on the right screen. Because there is no auto-jerk for her lower body. Or maybe there is now as of >>57130 the latest version. But I'm only a $1 patron, and I'm not gonna up that to $5 when we'll get V3 soon enough.
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