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>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)21:56  No.56437  OP  P1
wii_fit_trainer by derpixon.swf (17.57 MiB)
514x720, Compressed. 1715 frames, 24 fps (01:11).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)23:44  No.56439  A  P2R1
oh god yes! this is good! just wish this artist had a thing for bondage too, everything ive seen looks voluntarily. suppose that's still fine.

wait, why isn't this vectors?! don't tell me another one has turned to the dark side...

also is some version of wii fit trainer coming to nintendo switch? after all, i reckon this chick is pretty big for nintendo

>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)00:13  No.56442  B  P3R2
Wow, this is pretty good.
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)01:37  No.56446  C  P4R3
Pretty good but I think I've seen this before some months ago.
Any secrets? I found none.
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)07:58  No.56452  D  P5R4
Why is this not vector-based?
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)11:40  No.56457  E  P6R5
Can somebody post the patreon(paid) version? The free version that was released by Derpixon for free is of a much lower quality than the aforementioned.
>>Shrek  21jan2018(su)21:38  No.56473  F  P7R6
That's it?

What a letdown

>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)23:23  No.56477  G  P8R7
Just not the same without huge amounts of bodily fluids everywhere...
>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)02:41  No.56521  H  P9R8
At least it has a bigger resolution than the Wii.
>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)22:24  No.56533  I  P10R9
Well? We're waiting...
>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)09:23  No.56546  J  P11R10
its over all of a sudden
>>Anonymous  24jan2018(we)22:33  No.56567  C  P12R11
For what?
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)00:19  No.56591  G  P13R12
For you.
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)02:04  No.56594  C  P14R13
Well, I AM a big guy.
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