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>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)11:03  No.56293  OP  P1
Rock Candy Sofi Suck n' Fucks FIXED.swf (90.4 KiB)
460x580, Uncompressed. 105 frames, 24 fps (00:04).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)11:18  No.56297  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)13:17  No.56299  B  P3R2
Good job making him look pale as fuck, did he lose all his blood being cucked by the other guy?

Get a suntan

Oh wait, that gives you cancer.

>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)14:18  No.56300  A  P4R3
fam, if someone is so triggerd by a flash that happens to have someone of a darker skin tone enough to alter it, more power to the sad little cuck.

Wait till they learn black people come in a lighter shade.
Imagine the uproar.

>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)15:23  No.56301  A  P5
shut the fuck up nigger
>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)15:52  No.56302  C  P6R4
>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)15:53  No.56303  C  P7
not sure if bait or literally retarded
>>Anonymous  17jan2018(we)00:22  No.56314  D  P8R5
it's way better than the original for sure but you made him too pale... it doesn't look good, would be better if he was exactly the same color as her. fuck that bullshit excuse about contrast or whatever that some artists use when they pick skin colors in their porn.
>>Anonymous  17jan2018(we)00:31  No.56315  E  P9R6
>bullshit excuse

Called biology. human_physiology#Color

>>Anonymous  17jan2018(we)00:37  No.56316  E  P10

Contrast too, if both have the same color, you won't see shit.

>>Nate Higgers  17jan2018(we)00:46  No.56318  F  P11R7
doing god's work my son

keep this magnificant piece of earth clean of these mongrels
for they are impure, and thus are in a need
of racial cleansing

>>Anonymous  17jan2018(we)02:07  No.56319  G  P12R8
Sex with a nigger is bestiality.
>>Anonymous  17jan2018(we)03:12  No.56321  B  P13R9

Get a damn suntan, you hippie.

>>Anonymous  17jan2018(we)09:39  No.56329  H  P14R10
Thank you for this OP
>>Anonymous  17jan2018(we)15:06  No.56332  I  P15R11
Thank you OP because my micropenis cannot get erect unless I see white men breeding butt babies.
>>Anonymous  17jan2018(we)18:12  No.56338  J  P16R12
I do find it funny. Someone spends like one minute or less just changing the skin color of the guy and you get this wall of posts calling him triggered, cucked, ect.

Its amazing how effective it is. It reminds me of the old days when posting ponies would elicit a huge reaction for little work

>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)00:16  No.56347  K  P17R13
>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)01:26  No.56348  I  P18R14
The fact that someone would bother to rip and alter a 5 year old .swf file no one cares about says a lot more.

Autism. It's one hell of a drug.

>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)02:40  No.56351  L  P19R15
i appreciate this flash. i don't hate the original but it is easier to identify when i look more like this guy than the last. you've got 2 versions now. pick your fap material and quit your bitching
>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)02:41  No.56352  M  P20R16
i dont understand how people forgot calling people niggers on chans was part of the culture man. Stop being niggers guys
>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)10:39  No.56360  N  P21R17
based OP
>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)12:17  No.56361  O  P22R18
>turning things you don't like into things you like is autistic and pathetic
>screeching on the internet about people turning things you like into things you don't like is cool and suave
>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)13:26  No.56363  P  P23R19
The FIXED meme is my favorite swfchan Meme.

I end up giggling at it for no fucking reason.

>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)15:18  No.56364  D  P24R20
Did you know two humans of the exact same skin color can have sex?
>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)17:04  No.56370  Q  P25R21
I use the term nigger all the time, even in real life. Not to describe actual niggers, but just as a sort of "fam" or "guy".
>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)22:35  No.56377  R  P26R22
Why are you all so triggered? It's okay to be white.
>>???? ????  19jan2018(fr)00:35  No.56378  S  P27R23
Shhh! Don't try to be reasonable. They'll eat you alive!
>>Anonymous  19jan2018(fr)00:41  No.56380  A  P28R24
I'm actually all four of the first posters.

I just wanted to start the flamewar

>>Anonymous  22jan2018(mo)09:52  No.56486  T  P29R25
that's the secret, they're both retarded
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