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>>Anonymous  15jan2018(mo)12:51  No.56255  OP  P1
>passive aggressive sound warning
>completely missing the point people had about the mute function not working
>calls others crybabies for his own inability to comprehend a basic statement
wew this artist

ctrl-z_gadget.swf (347.1 KiB)
560x768, Compressed. 66 frames, 60 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  15jan2018(mo)17:02  No.56257  A  P2R1
CTRL Z is a autistic sonic furfag, what did you expect? IQ above 70?
>>???? ????  15jan2018(mo)18:33  No.56258  B  P3R2
I don't like insulting artists, but this guy is just being a total ass for just a mute button. Even I can make a mute button!
>>Anonymous  15jan2018(mo)20:16  No.56260  C  P4R3
for what it's worth i dont think this flash is bad
>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)00:54  No.56272  OP  P5R4
probably because its lord stevie's art
>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)01:11  No.56273  D  P6R5
Of course when he doesn't make the art, it's alright. Props to LordStevie.
>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)08:12  No.56283  A  P7R6
I for one how easily asshurt 'artists' like PeachyPop and CTRL Z change after they can't handle SWFchan bantz.
>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)08:36  No.56284  E  P8R7
How can you be so mad about something so small, especially when you make insane bank off of animations that take no effort?
>>Anonymous  16jan2018(tu)10:33  No.56288  F  P9R8
Because their egomaniacs who cant handle criticism outside of deviantart tier "good job!" or "wow! amazing!"
>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)17:52  No.56582  G  P10R9
Disappointing. Love LordStevie's art. Shame the only additions were noise and a poor warp effect
>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)20:24  No.56584  H  P11R10
damn i didnt know anons were such crybaby butthurt niggers all the sudden
>>???? ????  26jan2018(fr)00:20  No.56592  B  P12R11
But, you also go under the name Anonymous, so you just insulted yourself
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)02:09  No.56595  I  P13R12
There's no need to improve when people almost literally throw their money at you for some simple bullshit you can cobble up in less than a few work days?
>>Anonymous  26jan2018(fr)02:09  No.56596  I  P14
There's no need to improve when people almost literally throw their money at you for some simple bullshit you can cobble up in less than a few work days.
>>Ctrl-Z  30jan2018(tu)08:23  No.56748  J  P15R13

None of my work was paid for. Don't even have a patreon. Made this in 2 days.

If the warning triggers you in the slightest then its working as intended. 0 tolerance for petty crybabies.

>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)08:38  No.56749  K  P16R14

Im pretty sure this has already been sugested, but you should make a Patreon.

>>Everyone  30jan2018(tu)09:40  No.56750  L  P17R15
>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)11:32  No.56751  M  P18R16
>I can't make a volume slider
>how is actionscript formed
>I only know to reskin the same animation over and over
>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)14:46  No.56753  A  P19R17
>I don't have to fix my shit because I did it for free!
Have your elderly mother leave those hotpockets next to your door
Fuck off already.
>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)15:00  No.56755  OP  P20R18
>petty crybabies
>says the one triggered so hard he puts passive aggressive sound warnings
>>Ctrl-Z  30jan2018(tu)21:16  No.56765  J  P21R19

One day but not over this.


Never admitted to being an action script pro and openly admit I don't know much of it nor care to learn at this point. I do what I can with the bare minimum. If you knew how long it takes to make the art then animate it, you would reuse them too. Why put so much work into something only to use it once?


When will the "you mad" mentality ever die? Do people honestly think I toss and turn in my bed because some random assholes on the internet bitched about something they have full control of? Petty issues for petty individuals. Your first world problems are not any of my concern.

Regardless, its funny to read all the shit talking about me, mostly because they are so far from the truth that it becomes ridiculous.

>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)21:42  No.56768  N  P22R20
I feel sad when a squirrel has a bigger dick than me
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)14:49  No.56781  OP  P23R21
>because some random assholes on the internet bitched about something they have full control of
>Petty issues for petty individuals
>Your first world problems are not any of my concern

And yet for someone who ISN'T upset over the whole "your man groaning audio fetish sucks" posting, you sure do keep coming back to remind everyone they're being so petty and that the world is in their control, take life by the horns and mute your entire computer (just as you will continue to miss the original point entirely because otherwise that would mean you would have to be the bigger man and acknowledge what people were originally asking for). Some would say that you coming back here constantly SPECIFICALLY to the threads of your flashes is pretty petty, no? Its almost like you're a self fulfilling prophecy my dude :^)

>mostly because they are so far from the truth that it becomes ridiculous

Again, you're the one who keeps coming here regardless, really makes you think how false most things are that are being said here. Anyone who really wasnt upset wouldnt be coming back here with the same argument over and over. You constantly sound like a holier than art thou stuck up shit head who comes here to pretend hes stroking his ego by stomping out the trolls when really hes making a retard of himself publicly constantly. Your comment reputation on e621 speaks for itself, only making two comments on your flashes of which both have been met with disagreement. Especially on the one where you talk about how homosexuality is a mental disorder and yet were pretty fuckin adamant about the necessity of gross ass man moaning in your sonic porn flash.

Go back to your hugbox on FA where literally everyone will agree with you so you can keep deluding yourself.

>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)17:49  No.56789  A  P24R22
Autistic people are suckers for punishment, so don't expect anything less than ftom that fag.
>>Anonymous  1feb2018(th)05:38  No.56805  OP  P25R23
no way, man, i expect him to come back because if he truly believed he isnt upset and doesnt care about the criticism here and totally isnt offended that a lot of people dont like his gross man groaning fetish, he definitely wouldnt be coming back because there would literally be no reason for him to, and yet here we are several threads of his shit later and hes still making an appearance. the dude is a "im better than you" kind of autist shithead who makes extremely feeble attempts to "appear" humble
>>???? ????  2feb2018(fr)03:04  No.56813  B  P26R24
I never thought I'd see you here again.
>>Anonymous  5feb2018(mo)08:11  No.56868  E  P27R25
Idk dude. The thing is, I like your stuff. You put a lot of content into one small package for everyone, but you still gotta take criticism where it's due. You've got potential, but you'll always be critiqued for even small things. It's not like we're hating on every flash here you know. Those who do an excellent job get praised here, and you got praised here too. Doesn't mean there isn't improvements to be made. It's a tiny thing dude, don't get so upset over it, just improve.

Also, i'm drunk as fuck cause the eagles won, so forgive me for bad typing.

>>Anonymous  8feb2018(th)05:06  No.56924  O  P28R26
I instantly lose any respect for someone who declares he doesn't want to learn or care to learn something so easily entangled with their talents or hobbies. It's ActionScript my dude, not C. Learn it and better yourself.
>>Anonymous  24mar2018(sa)04:28  No.58149  P  P29R27
Not only that but, this kind of attitude with the .swf, when he openly admits to not knowing how to code and not caring?
Fucking lel
>>Anonymous  24mar2018(sa)12:53  No.58172  Q  P30R28
>How can you be so mad about something so small
Never underestimate autism.
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