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>>CR  8jan2018(mo)14:37  No.56092  OP  P1
hentaikey girl edit w/ hotkeys

z = toggle fast cum mode, making climaxes quicker
x = tease
s = instant tease
c = cum
v = infinite cum
b = instant cum
d = cum through
f = infinite cum through
g = instant cum through

most actions can be backed out of, infinites can be backed out of with any key except for z and teases can be backed out of with either tease key

you can chain a lot of this shit together if you're creative, e.g. s -> f or x -> b -> v. it's fun to fuck around with and i made it that way on purpose.

also, i get that the new zone flash is really lackluster, but jesus fucking christ, you guys. you can complain about it on 4chan or you can make it fun yourself. learn AS3.

also, if you find any bugs or whatever, let me know, please.

hkgirl_loop [CR].swf (6.79 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 166 frames, 24 fps (00:07).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)00:02  No.56112  A  P2R1
hey, this isnt bad. thanks OP
>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)02:58  No.56115  B  P3R2
The way you described this makes it sound like a fighting game, I love it
>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)03:49  No.56117  C  P4R3
>you can complain about it on 4chan or you can make it fun yourself. learn AS3

Or Zone can just make quality shit, and those 2 wouldn't exist.
Cool edits,though.

>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)08:28  No.56121  D  P5R4
nice work op, i have no complaints except the filename. could have mentioned that this version offers hotkeys, for example: hkgirl_loop [CR] hotkeys edit.swf

would of course be nice if the controls were displayed inside the flash but i understand that's a lot harder to do. people would go check the wiki threads for instructions anyway if they read "hotkeys edit" in the filename but find no instructions in the flash itself.

>>Anonymous  10jan2018(we)04:02  No.56136  E  P6R5
Why hasn't the new Zone flash been uploaded here?
>>Anonymous  10jan2018(we)05:39  No.56139  F  P7R6
This is an edited version of the new Zone flash
>>Anonymous  11jan2018(th)00:21  No.56153  E  P8R7
>also, i get that the new zone flash is really lackluster,
Which new flash are you talking about?
>>CR  14jan2018(su)07:27  No.56232  OP  P9R8
thanks, i'll keep the filename thing in mind.

this one. without the hotkeys, it's just a loop that changes every other time it plays. no interactivity. zzzzz

>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)02:16  No.56412  G  P10R9
Cool thanks!
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)10:16  No.56454  E  P11R10
Zone has really improved. Compare this to HK girl 5 and you can tell difference.
>>Zeller  21jan2018(su)10:36  No.56455  H  P12R11
Why is there no option to turn off the music yet?
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)13:04  No.56460  I  P13R12
It's one of Zone's loops. They're never interactive.
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)20:00  No.56469  J  P14R13
hkeygirl5 is really good though, I'd take it over this
also, his newly animated loops are just that high quality because it's exactly that - a small loop drawn frame by frame
if zone wanted to and had the time and money, he could do a flash of hkeygirl5 levels of interaction and content and still draw all the animations frame perfect by hand
it's less about how good he can actually draw and more about how much effort he wants to put into it
if you want a measure of quality, take a look at his ghostbusters flash, as he put all his heart and life into that one
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