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>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)01:25  No.56081  OP  P1
This flash has a shit ton of content, I think the author made a big mistake to not just let people jump freely to the different scenes. There's so much to click around with but you'd have to wait to rewatch the intro for example and most people won't do it and miss out on 90% of what this is. First time I saw it I just got to one scene and thought "oh ok this is it" and then I was done with it.

Opening it in a flash player with a timeline I discovered that there's a scene-selector on frame 1, which you normally can't access. This is what made me discover just how much is in this swf and it's really what the flash should have let us see by default... Without any work I mean, immediately when the flash loads. No into, no waiting.

Clicking around and discovering things sounds like a good idea but in reality it just means people miss out. Even those that have the patience to re-watch animations and try lots of different things will probably miss something. Most guys don't want to jump through hoops when they have their dick out.

Re-posting on /fap/ both because it deserves it (actually a very good flash with much work put into it) and to archive what Ctrl-Z said when uploading it to X (not sure where it was first published, I think I'm quoting a quote).

>I spent around 6 months producing this and many of you will be through with it in a matter of minutes, which is why I have separated many of the animations and will leave it to your own to find them all. They are not hidden too difficulty because I want people to actually see them.
>Inspired by retired Playshape's (Bowser's Castle, Legend of Krystal, etc) and Minus8's flash animations, I wanted to create something similar, mostly because no one else was taking the time to do so. I do not know if it is up to par with them but I tried my best and worked on this until I had no patience to look at it any further. Enjoy.

Six months is a lot of time to spend on anything. If anyone know a way to access the scene-selector frame(s) without using a timeline outside the flash itself please post how!

Shadow Transformed.swf (29.17 MiB)
1024x768, Compressed. 80 frames, 60 fps (00:01).
Ver14, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)02:15  No.56082  A  P2R1
>crying about degenerate fetishes

What's wrong with you? You some sissy faggot?

>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)04:17  No.56084  B  P3
Into the trash it goes.
>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)04:26  No.56085  C  P4R2
The scene selector loads by default if you open it any flash player
>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)06:21  No.56086  D  P5
Just use the swfchan wrapper timeline
>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)11:23  No.56089  E  P6R3
Literally go 1 frame forward when opening in Standalone and you'll go to the selector. You must have not have tried at ALL if this was your only idea.

I remember when CTRL-Z was searching for a way to people to stop right clicking though his flashes. I never understood why he even bothers, tbh.
Too bad for him, though. I like his style, but I think he focuses on the wrong things. Shame to see some talent go to waste like this.

>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)13:42  No.56091  F  P7
CTRL Z is a talentless, autistic attention whore with plethora of fetishes that make /d/ blush. He is a closet faggot AND tries to pass it off as 'It's humor LOL XD!'

Fuck the author

>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)15:02  No.56094  G  P8R4
author is over-compensating for a lot of shit. Always draws himself with a massive dick. Probably has a 2-inch chode.
>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)15:49  No.56095  OP  P9R5
I was praising the creator, not crying. Maybe you're talking about something in the flash?

Open it in the official offline flash player by Adobe and you'll see that it doesn't go to the scene selector when the flash is played as intended. You're using something non-standard.

>You must have not have tried at ALL if this was your only idea.
But he did in fact disable the right-click menu so that you can't simply go one frame forward. Again, I'm looking for ways to access the scene selector using no non-standard methods.

>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)15:54  No.56096  OP  P10
Ok, you can step one frame forward in Adobe's offline flash player if you use the program menu at the top (Control > Step Forward). Didn't think about that, only tried right-click. So now the question is how to access the scene selector using no non-standard methods in your browser. Many people don't have any specific offline flash players and just use their browser for swf files.
>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)16:59  No.56098  H  P11R6
Funny how many of you shit about this guys work when 90% have not even come close to dedicating even 3 months to a single work.
>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)19:27  No.56101  I  P12R7
That's many people. Sure, I don't like Cronic the Hedgehog enough to actively seek out and fap to the stuff, but I'll admit when there's effort and genuine talent put into content.

Unfortunately, for ever person willing to Patreon this stuff, there are those who will happily devour it and then shit on the content creator because reasons.

>>???? ????  8jan2018(mo)21:38  No.56107  J  P13R8
I have, then gave up. Gamemaking is hell.
>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)21:44  No.56109  F  P14
>Praising a sonic autist
HAHA oh wow. The faggot animates like some faggot from 2008 era jewgrounds.
Whatever drugs you are on, I'd suggest you to OD on them ASAP
>>Anonymous  11jan2018(th)19:17  No.56164  K  P15R9
>>Anonymous  11jan2018(th)19:59  No.56165  L  P16R10
only rips of the highest quality
>>Anonymous  13jan2018(sa)13:09  No.56215  M  P17R11
you're an absolute retard
>>Anonymous  13jan2018(sa)23:53  No.56223  N  P18R12
Anyone know the music track playing on shadow's part when picked first?
>>Anonymous  15jan2018(mo)11:13  No.56254  O  P19R13
Dedicated 2-3 years to an associates in CSIT and 3 months into this job.
So far it's gotten me nothing aside from a few alright games that i've nabbed on sale and a meager understanding of python and java
>>???? ????  17jan2018(we)02:41  No.56320  J  P20R14
>>Anonymous  18jan2018(th)19:09  No.56372  P  P21R15
That's enough out of you Ctrl-Z
>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)11:28  No.56429  Q  P22R16
Are you just pretending to be some obnoxious /pol/ naziboo or legit retarded?
>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)11:56  No.56430  R  P23
>Haha I can't refute the point, so I'll call him retarded!
>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)12:41  No.56431  S  P24R17
All this comments section sissyfighting is keeping this flash pinned to the top. Good job making this artist famous, fan club!
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)00:06  No.56441  T  P25R18
good fap, thanks anon
>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)19:53  No.56467  D  P26
said the anon, bumping the thread...
>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)01:16  No.56518  T  P27
hope he makes a new one soon
>>???? ????  23jan2018(tu)01:25  No.56519  J  P28R19
More bumping! Yay!
>>Anonymous  23jan2018(tu)12:41  No.56527  U  P29R20
>>Anonymous  25jan2018(th)18:07  No.56583  V  P30R21
I prefer the first two. Admittedly the first one was a bit lacking in content, but at least the scenes weren't all just *click the arrow button to go to the next screen of stupid sounds*. I was honestly gutted when this was what came out after he tried to build hype by waiting so long just releasing those fucking teasers.
>>Anonymous  27jan2018(sa)22:08  No.56658  T  P31R22
>>Anonymous  29jan2018(mo)05:33  No.56702  T  P32
any news on a sequel?
>>???? ????  29jan2018(mo)23:31  No.56725  J  P33R23
No News
>>Anonymous  8feb2018(th)01:04  No.56920  T  P34R24
god tier fap
>>Anonymous  12feb2018(mo)09:39  No.56974  T  P35
>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)14:56  No.57021  W  P36R25
I had to use my xamanic skills to find it since the author is a affected self-entitled cunt who is unable to give source like a decent human being:

>>Anonymous  13feb2018(tu)23:24  No.57028  T  P37R26
>crying about having to use google-fu
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