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>>Anonymous  3jan2018(we)16:14  No.55978  OP  P1
Simply Mindy

Simply Mindy

Simply Mindy 2.7.5 Redux.swf (23.61 MiB)
960x640, Compressed. 2 frames, 65 fps (00:00).
Ver13, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  6jan2018(sa)23:16  No.56045  A  P2R1
This is pretty good!
>>Anonymous  7jan2018(su)01:03  No.56046  B  P3R2
Any cheats or guides?
>>Anonymous  7jan2018(su)01:11  No.56047  C  P4R3
I need the hacked version
>>Anonymous  8jan2018(mo)23:23  No.56111  D  P5R4
downloaded this on a whim and ended up spending 12 hours on it, it has a shit ton of stuff and it's all really high quality, wow
>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)01:04  No.56113  E  P6R5
All you guys sound like you were paid or some shit. It can't be that good.
>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)01:16  No.56114  F  P7R6
Its not! The graphics are horrible.
>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)04:05  No.56118  G  P8R7
Itsgood for what its is but i couldn't see myself spending more than a buck on it if anything.
>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)06:02  No.56119  H  P9R8
If you are into the stat building style of game, its a 10/10.

Animation quality is like 8/10

Graphics is like a 2/10 though

Its a really good game, heaps of content, free to play, funny, quirky, well written. If you are looking for a quick fap though, this isn't for you. The scenes are nice if you don't mind the graphics, but there is heaps better.

>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)08:32  No.56122  I  P10R9
Seems like a nice game but is it supposed to be completely mute?
>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)10:51  No.56123  J  P11R10
I would take games like this over 3d unoptimized 0.0001 alpha "games" any time. The only thing I don't like about this game, that you always have to start new game to unlock missing scenes, which give small starting bonuses. Also time limit, time limit is a bane of any game.
>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)17:06  No.56124  K  P12R11
>>Anonymous  11jan2018(th)22:05  No.56166  L  P13R12
I have a hacked .sol save if anyone is interested
>>Anonymous  11jan2018(th)22:30  No.56167  M  P14R13
Go on?
>>Anonymous  12jan2018(fr)01:05  No.56168  N  P15R14
What a garbage gallery
Why the fuck wouldn't it have all the animations, instead of just the endings? Am I missing something?
>>Anonymous  12jan2018(fr)13:31  No.56181  L  P16R15
Put this into your LSO folder
It gives maximum cash + all lovers unlocked + items
>>Anonymous  12jan2018(fr)17:42  No.56184  O  P17R16
Autistic question but I've never done this before: How do I save a flash file? I wanted to save that anon's hacked save but I don't know where or what an LSO folder even is
>>Anonymous  12jan2018(fr)18:14  No.56185  P  P18R17
Open this flash with the swfchan embed (meaning, your url should end up something like "/Simply%20Mindy%202.7.5%20Redux.swf.html"). Look for an underlined hyperlink "Download" at the bottom right corner. Right click that. Then "Save as..."
>>Anonymous  12jan2018(fr)18:15  No.56186  P  P19
As for the LSO, no idea. Another anon might have an idea.
>>Anonymous  12jan2018(fr)22:46  No.56195  L  P20R18
Flash games including Mindy leaves a flash cookie and data IE save files.
In binbows you could find this folder
It lists cookies and LSO's by domain, folder name etc, etc.
If you use something like swiffplayer you see the folder name where you have your flash.
Domains and their own sites have their own folders.
Just copy that mysave.sol into the flashgame folder and you're good.
>>Anonymous  13jan2018(sa)00:41  No.56200  I  P21R19
LSO means Local Shared Object ("flash cookies" is just a common nickname for it)
>>Anonymous  13jan2018(sa)04:58  No.56203  M  P22R20
ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable JSON is not defined.
    at com.stencyl::Config$/loadFromString()[/Users/Bird /Downloads/Stencyl-full 2/plaf/haxe/lib/stencyl/1,00/com/stencyl/Config.h x:80]
    at com.stencyl::Config$/load()[/Users/Bird/Downloads /Stencyl-full 2/plaf/haxe/lib/stencyl/1,00/com/stencyl/Config.h x:53]
    at ApplicationMain$/main()[/Users/Bird/stencylworks/ games-generated/Simply Mindy/Export/flash/haxe/ApplicationMain.hx:51]
    at boot_d41c/init()[?:1]
    at flash::Boot/start()[/Users/Bird/Downloads/Stencyl -full 2/plaf/haxe-std/std/flash/Boot.hx:70]
    at boot_d41c()[/Users/Bird/Downloads/Stencyl-full 2/plaf/haxe-std/std/flash/Boot.hx:38]
>>Shrek  13jan2018(sa)07:07  No.56210  Q  P23R21
Wow, a lot of content like the Soo Cubus. Me likey
>>Anonymous  13jan2018(sa)18:22  No.56218  R  P24R22
or you could just go back to the list and right click the ".swf" (the extention not the file name) that you wanna save and done
>>Anonymous  15jan2018(mo)11:01  No.56253  L  P25R23
If you use binbows type %appdata% in your file explorer.
It should send you to appdata/roaming folder
Once you're there go to Macromedia folder IE
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