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>>Anonymous  27dec2017(we)06:51  No.55813  OP  P1
hkgirl_loop.swf (6.79 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 166 frames, 24 fps (00:07).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  27dec2017(we)07:23  No.55814  A  P2R1
ah nicely done, i just stumbled on it myself as well and was about to post it ;)
>>Anonymous  27dec2017(we)08:28  No.55816  B  P3R2
ah shit yeah
>>Anonymous  27dec2017(we)13:08  No.55825  C  P4R3
Nope it's too late, Zone. Still can't give you a pass, even if you do this. Nah.
Fuck these short loops.
>>Anonymous  28dec2017(th)21:35  No.55843  D  P5R4
And zone cares about your pass why exactly?
>>Anonymous  28dec2017(th)23:38  No.55846  E  P6R5
It's nice to see another flash by ZONE but kinda disappointed it's a short loop wish it was interactive like the previous ones.
>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)08:53  No.55858  F  P7R6

What if I told you this Zone is not the original Zone and this alternate Zone don't know shit about actionscript and can't even recycle the volume control from the original Zone due termination contract?

>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)10:22  No.55860  G  P8R7
I'd ask you to present proof.
>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)10:50  No.55861  H  P9R8
that.... would make a lot of sense actually...
>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)11:00  No.55862  I  P10R9
Since when are Artist names bought and sold like companies?
I mean, what is this? The porn version of EA?
And really I doubt ZONE would just sell the name and move on.

... I wish something like that would happen with Batou.
Might actually be an improvement.

>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)11:58  No.55863  J  P11R10

It all makes sense now...

>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)19:00  No.55871  K  P12R11
till havent found out how to get the climax animation
(yes there are 2 different ones, i took the assets apart)
>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)19:35  No.55872  L  P13R12
Not bad, but it was better before. I like the modern flashes of the ZONE, ghost busters are great. But how many loops can be made: big hero 6, samurai Jack, Eldorado, meh. Hentai girl now.
Find Natsume 2 and hentai girl 5 - this is a old good ZONE flash with tentacles.
>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)21:29  No.55874  M  P14R13
Just ask Natsume, Zone's wife. He made 2 flashes featuring her, what a gentleman.
She was the only admin in the vote forum of Zone-archive besides Zone himself. On her twitter it even says "Zone's official consort".
How come his twitter posts never feature her? But they do feature Caxx, Zone-tan's voice, a close friend (relative?) of Redminus. Also he's constantly supporting Piper Faye now, even monetary. She got featured in a lot of Red Minus flashes.
Maybe the old zone died, or there was never a single "zone" from the beginning.
>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)22:01  No.55875  D  P15R14
Is there a way to not have the music with the random yelling, and have only sounds?
>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)22:55  No.55877  N  P16R15
>>Anonymous  30dec2017(sa)14:39  No.55890  O  P17R16
I think at this point Zone's just making short loops because they're mainly working on Indivisible as an actual job, these loops are just to maintain content with Hentaikey and the patreon stuff is a tip jar plain and simple with (pointlessly) SFW zone-tan pictures occasionally just for fun.

They're kinda coasting on the internet fame and goodwill a bit but at least they still care enough to make something. I imagine we might see an actual attempt at a major flash again once there's no game for them to be busy animating on.

>>Anonymous  30dec2017(sa)14:41  No.55891  O  P18
let it play long enough and you get a cumscene
let it loop again and you get a slightly different cumscene (unless it's RNG, which is unlikely since Zone made other loops work the exact same way)
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