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>>Anonymous  25dec2017(mo)16:25  No.55763  OP  P1
synergismia.swf (15.97 MiB)
800x450, Compressed. 13 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver11, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]
>>Anonymous  25dec2017(mo)20:35  No.55768  A  P2R1
Golden skip dialogue option!
>>Anonymous  25dec2017(mo)21:59  No.55769  B  P3R2
Type ifuckthemboth at the very beginning of the game to start up the post-game.
>>Anonymous  25dec2017(mo)22:59  No.55770  C  P4R3
I get to the point where she gives you a handjob but I can't take a picture. what do?
>>Anonymous  25dec2017(mo)23:48  No.55771  D  P5R4
shoot her in the face
>>Anonymous  26dec2017(tu)00:08  No.55772  E  P6R5
>no gallery mode

I bet germans did this.

Fucking masochist nazis with sex denial fetishes.

>>Anonymous  26dec2017(tu)04:25  No.55778  F  P7R6
You have to click on her face first. Then type ifuckthemboth between her tits.
>>Anonymous  26dec2017(tu)06:17  No.55780  G  P8R7
faces bro...
>>Anonymous  26dec2017(tu)06:40  No.55781  H  P9R8
This is likely a poor place to bring this up, but Zone released a new animation today.

Is someone going to post it soon?

>>Anonymous  26dec2017(tu)09:57  No.55787  A  P10R9
did he? what's the parody?
>>Anonymous  26dec2017(tu)09:59  No.55788  H  P11R10
His old mascot, Hentai Key Girl. The one with the red hair.
>>Anonymous  26dec2017(tu)15:37  No.55793  A  P12R11
Looking forward to it, I hope he releases the swf file this time.
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