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>>Anonymous  25dec2017(mo)13:32  No.55758  OP  P1

XXX-men Titty Fuck.swf (3.55 MiB)
640x480, Compressed. 3 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  30dec2017(sa)05:16  No.55883  A  P2R1
I feel at this point, the mnf games are self aware
>>Anonymous  31dec2017(su)01:51  No.55915  B  P3R2
Wouldn't be surprised actually. Seeing as Pinoytoons is the new Zone and EroPharao wants to be the new -8. Whentai became the new MnF and MnF just transcended reality.
>>Anonymous  31dec2017(su)06:57  No.55922  C  P4R3

Peachypops wants to (trace&steal) be the new -8.

Also, whentai is trash, almost every flash/animation it's under a paywall.

>>Anonymous  2jan2018(tu)10:25  No.55954  D  P5R4
I'd say eropharaoh's a lot closer to Zone, Zone's thing is replicating the art-style of the source material, which eroPharaoh does a decent job at.

Pinoytoons has his own artstyle and that's all he really uses.

Whentai is just a bunch of 4-7/10 artists, pixxx image clones/edits and half-assed animation loops put behind a paywall.

PPU is someone who traces and edits other peoples work, throws some mario sounds ripped from a -8 flash, claims it as original work and feels they should be paid for it.

Meet and fuck games are probably done by an artist who doesn't really care anymore and is just interested in getting another paycheck

>>Anonymous  2jan2018(tu)18:29  No.55958  B  P6R5
Yeah, I screwed this up, let me rephrase.

Wouldn't be surprised actually. Seeing as EroPharaoh is the new Zone and PeachyPop34 wants to be the new -8. Whentai became the new MnF and MnF just transcended reality.

>>Anonymous  19jan2018(fr)15:30  No.56395  E  P7R6
MnF, WHentai, Drawn Sex, Famous Toons Facial, etc. are all garbage. If anybody deserves your shit, it's all of these groups, not Peachypop. Peachypop is a forgettable hack who traced something once and is only relevant because people keep bringing him up. These other groups constantly trace things (is FTF even still alive?) and for some reason, nobody thinks to call them out on it. I can't count how many times all of the above groups have plagiarized well-known animators (people like Zone) and just reskinned it and called it their own work. As far as I know, 50% of the stuff these groups produce is half-finished and sketchy, and the other 50% is stolen. Well... maybe not MnF. MnF plagiarizes *itself*. It produced two half-decent animations ten years ago, and has just not made anything new since, hiding the same retextured thing behind paywalls.
>>Anonymous  19jan2018(fr)16:25  No.56396  C  P8R7

All of the work from peachypops is traced and/or steal style. She (as far i know from this site, peachypops is a woman) trace and steal work from -8 and other artist using her own mark on it and ask money for it in patreon. Same as ftf, whentai and drawn sex all of them steal from zone's work. Mnf at least use is own style despite sometimes the story/art is flat or simple

>>Anonymous  19jan2018(fr)21:39  No.56405  B  P9R8
>I mention PP34 in a comment once, not even that negatively.
>Someone busts in after half a month and gets all defensive.
Man, I never believed, but the whiteknighting is real!

Also yeah. FTF is just Zone traces all the time but MnF is at least its own thing.

>>Anonymous  19jan2018(fr)23:48  No.56409  F  P10R9
Probably not even white knighting as this stage. I bet that's just the land whale defending herself atm.
>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)04:50  No.56418  E  P11R10
Eh. I'm the poster who "defended" Peachypops. I wasn't really even defending him/her/whatever the creator is. I'm just tired of hearing people complain about PP several months after the thing happened. It seems kind of irrelevant at this point- like there are people who do the same thing who also need to be called out. Really, I shouldn't have said anything. I've just never heard anybody call FTF, WHentai, or Drawn Sex out for doing the same things and probably also making money for it. In fact, Batou (?) from WHentai has a pretty large following despite frequently ripping off (tracing) other anime and animations, and nobody says a word.
>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)04:54  No.56419  E  P12
I want to reiterate that I don't give a shit about PeachyPops. I've seen maybe two animations from them, decided they were shit, and went about my life. I do wonder why PeachyPops, and not the dozens and dozens of other artists who do this and make shitty animations, is targeted specifically though.
>>Anonymous  20jan2018(sa)05:07  No.56421  G  P13R11

The difference with ftf and drawn sex is about age of animations. Meanwhile PP is a "new artist" who make animations recently.

About whentai, batou, riffsandskull and others from the site have bad comments here.

PP is inside of a list of "artist" who make money from steal&trace content

>>Anonymous  21jan2018(su)19:47  No.56464  B  P14R12
I partly blame the "special" attention on swfchan's userbase. PP34 just arised newly in the midst of people posting threads and threads of cum buttons, black dicks, faggot discussion etc. like on normal chans.
While her criticism is mostly well deserved in any regard, personally f.e. I don't think her to be "worse" or bash her as bad, as I would do with all the aforementioned creators. They are all, as >>56421 said, just old news at this point.
Anons on this board really frolocked when they sucessfully made PP34 get bashed publicly and she just turned into a lolcow here.
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