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>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)11:01  No.55704  OP  P1
Princess Peach and Rosalina Titjob.swf (4.06 MiB)
700x650, Compressed. 3 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)11:15  No.55707  A  P2R1
DUUUHP, here we go!
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)19:35  No.55715  B  P3
The lardass is on it's plagiarization spree.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)20:16  No.55720  C  P4R2
so who did the landwhale steal from this time?
>>???? ????  23dec2017(sa)21:46  No.55723  D  P5R3
I wish Jess didn't make these patreon exclusive.
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)00:05  No.55727  B  P6
>Implying the fatso will do anything for free or have some transparency
Good one, got me laffin'
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)00:26  No.55730  E  P7R4
It's actually kind of insulting that she thinks an animation this simple is worth paying for.
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)00:36  No.55731  F  P8R5
> is back
>See new PP34 flash
>Go to .org
>Go to the reply to see shitstorm
>Grab popcorn
>No regretti
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)00:57  No.55732  G  P9R6
its good to be back
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)02:05  No.55736  H  P10R7
Never change swfchan.
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)04:32  No.55737  A  P11R8
Shitting on PP34 is becoming a swfchan tradition.
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)05:38  No.55738  F  P12R9
>>55731 Same guy here.
I mean I like her stuff (I can bust one to it)
But seeing the shitstorm that start from her stuff
>>55737 IS becoming a tradition. And it's kinda sad but funny watching people lose shit for no real reason
I sleep
R E A L S H I T.
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)07:04  No.55739  I  P13R10
As shitty a company(?) as they are, it doesn't look like they're charging retards for membership to access products or services, just the (((commissions))). The commissions themselves seem pretty fucking stupid too, but I'm not exactly familiar with how they'd normally work so I can't really comment on how stupid they are.
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)07:22  No.55741  J  P14R11
I don't believe I've ever seen a jizz struggle before.
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)07:31  No.55742  K  P15R12
Pretty sure PP34 said she(?) wouldn't be stealing and reskinning shit anymore, but I dunno, a promise doesn't mean much on the internet. It's been taking noticeably longer for her(?) to get stuff out, and the art quality has arguably dropped.
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)11:59  No.55746  L  P16R13
>dem manshoulders
>dem constantly changing lips with no transition between each (those lips are too fucking large)
>dem bodies of Rosalina and Peach having the exact same shape and animation, the only difference being the skintone and boob height
>different stages only increasing the speed of the same animation with minor alterations
>mario sounds AGAIN
I only watch these for the cumshots anyways, but they are always too damn fast
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)16:59  No.55749  F  P17R14
>They always had big ass lips (Dick sucking llliiiips yeeeeeaaaaah)
>Could care less about shape and animation because double tittyfuck look silly out of sync and they basically have the same body expect Rosa is bigger in height.
>Mario sound in a mario base flash,but will agree should have used a different sound at 4.
I too like the cumshots.
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)18:22  No.55750  B  P18
>Trusting a patreon whore with history of stealing, reskinning and recycled assests.
>>Jesus  25dec2017(mo)10:29  No.55755  M  P19R15
This is better

you know why this is better?
cause we don't have PP34 tard "OC"

i give 7/10 (i dunno why so high, maybe we are too soul starved for toon pronz?)

>>???? ????  26dec2017(tu)03:48  No.55775  D  P20R16
Thanks folks! I'll be here til Thursday.
>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)12:09  No.55864  N  P21R17
what's worse is that she/it is making people pay for STILLS now.
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