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>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)00:44  No.55690  OP  P1

really was about to give up any hope for swfchan ^^
glad its back (with an other company) and hope it wont have a fail this big in the upcoming years :D

railing-etna.swf (2.43 MiB)
977x986, Compressed. 2 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)00:53  No.55691  A  P2R1
Long live swfchan. Long live Flash.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)06:55  No.55697  B  P3R2
SWFChan forever
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)19:52  No.55717  C  P4R3
I can't play any of the flash files, chrome automatically closes the tab I open, firefox opens the tab but it's a black screen. what do
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)20:01  No.55719  D  P5R4
Right click, copy link, paste into address bar.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)21:52  No.55724  E  P6R5
Right-click the page, click inspect, click the adblock tab and unblock the "img2.js?77997" script. This is the script that handles flash file's popup.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)21:59  No.55725  E  P7
Almost forgot.
After unblocking the script, click the file and find the get.swfchan address in the list mouseover it and click add exception.
the file popups should work now
>>Anonymous  28dec2017(th)19:36  No.55838  F  P8R6
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)05:26  No.56664  G  P9R7
This is the only time I’ll ever thank Shadman.
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)08:56  No.56668  H  P10R8
Pretty sure Spazkid did the art lads, its ok to return from domiciles.
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)16:05  No.56671  A  P11R9
Yes, artist is Spazkid, not Shadman.
>>???? ????  28jan2018(su)20:00  No.56677  I  P12R10
Back when it wasn't just memes and unfinished comics
>>Anonymous  28jan2018(su)20:01  No.56678  J  P13R11
I don't want to be that guy...
but it's really a shame this flash has no cum animation, it would make it so much more fapable
even more so when most of shadman's flashes have one
>>Anonymous  29jan2018(mo)00:17  No.56688  K  P14R12
>What do?
Don't use kosher web browsers.
>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)04:37  No.56746  L  P15R13
Fixed version when?
>>Anonymous  31jan2018(we)23:31  No.56798  M  P16R14
You didn't even bother clicking on the paint bucket in the top left corner did you?
>>Anonymous  1feb2018(th)01:53  No.56802  N  P17R15
>even having the option of being a nigger

it's a steep, slippery slope into the cuck shed anon we can't take any chances

>>Anonymous  1feb2018(th)06:02  No.56806  O  P18R16

Imagine being this obsessed

>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)09:40  No.57458  P  P19R17
low-tech shitty solution that works for me: click the tiny little (find in archive) button, this opens another tab where you can access the flash. it should open from there
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