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>>ReallyBigWang  4dec2017(mo)23:25  No.55531  OP  P1
Look how much better LoK would be 60fps..

Too bad it's dated.

Krystal Wolf 60fps.swf (67.9 KiB)
1000x600, Compressed. 1 frame, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>lovergirl  5dec2017(tu)06:06  No.55535  A  P2R1
I hope they will make more games with krystal
>>Anonymous  5dec2017(tu)08:23  No.55536  B  P3R2

Playshapes is out from flash games since years.

>>Anonymous  5dec2017(tu)22:06  No.55545  C  P4R3
why not max it out at 120 fps while you're at it? amazing that flash has supported 120 fps since before the year 2000
>>Anonymous  6dec2017(we)12:57  No.55561  D  P5R4
lol because flash can never handle it and drops to 10fps. it was and always has been, just for show
>>Anonymous  6dec2017(we)17:18  No.55563  C  P6R5
Flash can handle it just fine, if there are frame drops it's because of your resolution and your CPU.
>>Anonymous  8dec2017(fr)10:10  No.55604  E  P7R6
this looks like shit.
>>Anonymous  8dec2017(fr)11:09  No.55605  F  P8R7
exactly looks just as shitty
>>Anonymous  8dec2017(fr)13:33  No.55606  D  P9R8
>Nah its just u bro
xD flash is unstable as fuck, there's a reason its getting phased out and companies have been giving it the finger
>>Anonymous  8dec2017(fr)20:07  No.55611  C  P10R9
Don't believe what they tell you. The reason is that they are just too lazy to fix any of the small number of problems flash have because there's no money in it. Sandbox flash properly, open it up to be part of the browser itself instead of a plugin and enable flash to always use the graphics card instead of rendering with the CPU. It would never be forcibly phased out after that.
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