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>>Aledor  29nov2017(we)12:39  No.55414  OP  P1
cloptopia 1.22

tiarawhy mittsies mlp pony

Cloptopia_v1.22.swf (32.65 MiB)
1080x720, Compressed. 16 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  29nov2017(we)18:45  No.55422  A  P2R1
Anyone got the change-log? Site crashed.
>>Anonymous  29nov2017(we)22:59  No.55423  B  P3R2
remove this nephew
>>Anonymous  29nov2017(we)23:04  No.55424  C  P4R3
So, nothing really work right now.
Started up 5 different towns, and none of them had gone past day one
Went to the garden fuck scene twice, in two different instances, and after that, lost my entire town and every variable (food, bits, etc.) after that became undefined.
>>Anonymous  29nov2017(we)23:57  No.55426  D  P5R4
aw shit the cheats don't work anymore
>>Anonymous  1dec2017(fr)04:10  No.55447  E  P6R5
cool game, wish there was more sex positions and less bugs

knowing tiarawhy and mittsies, this project will probably be abandoned in the future like the castlevania flash

>>Anonymous  1dec2017(fr)14:09  No.55453  F  P7R6
How the buck do you unlock 'options' for sex scenes? Unlocking characters looks to be bound to time spend, altho I had message in the chat "mysterious hooded person visited your pub" but nothing happened.
>>Anonymous  2dec2017(sa)15:51  No.55465  A  P8R7
"Create a new town with mayor name "master key" for all unlocks and "debug" for inf resources" This was the cheats from 1.1 should still work.
>>Anonymous  2dec2017(sa)22:20  No.55471  G  P9R8
that "master key" and "debug" thing don't work my dude.
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