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>>Anonymous  27nov2017(mo)18:33  No.55386  OP  P1
protip:gag her

futadoggirls.swf (319.8 KiB)
800x713, Compressed. 5 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)06:58  No.55401  A  P2R1
>gag her

Can't handle a strong woman, weakboi?

>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)09:35  No.55403  B  P3R2
protip:Don't use protips. Make you sound like an asshole
>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)10:07  No.55404  C  P4R3
>strong woman
fucking furry with a cock that lies around naked and still wants you to 'ask' before grabbing a tit

nah man gag that

triggered faggot

>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)12:48  No.55405  D  P5R4
Stop outing yourself in your first post, it makes it obvious that you should just fuck off, faggot.

>strong woman
>fuck her full speed while stroking her dick but you need to ask permission to touch breasts
>you need to ask her permission to touch pussy again after her orgasm
>""""""""""strong woman""""""""""
Nah, try "Schizophrenic cunt" instead.

>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)15:39  No.55408  E  P6R5
Why are you all referring to this thing as a "she"?
>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)16:30  No.55409  D  P7R6
She, He, it doesn't really matter when it's furfaggotry. I'm not gonna call it Xir/Zem/Vyraxlafdszofreyeiear and "It" just causes confusion and looks retarded in this context.
>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)22:14  No.55411  F  P8R7
not really refering to this flash but i got the feeling this page is somehow dying ._.
also would be curious about the statistics like how many people visited this site since its post or since yesterday or whatever...
>>Anonymous  29nov2017(we)01:56  No.55412  G  P9R8
All pheripheral *chan sites are dying. Oldfags are leaving because goddamn retarded underaged altright /pol/ faggot sissies ruin everything with their retarded memes.
>>Anonymous  29nov2017(we)13:31  No.55415  D  P10R9
>muh ebil gnatzee rayciss universal boogeyman is ruining chans with offensive maymays!
Wanna know how I know that you're metastatic cancer?
Pick one and only one, faggot.
>>Anonymous  29nov2017(we)17:16  No.55420  H  P11R10
It is not this site that is's our language. I can't tell if you're trying to communicate or had a stroke and smashed your head on the keyboard a few times.
>>Anonymous  29nov2017(we)17:44  No.55421  D  P12R11
>I can't tell if you're trying to communicate or had a stroke
Stop pretending to be retarded. If you genuinely think anything in my post was hard to understand, you're just providing further proof that you're a cargo cult nigger.
>>Anonymous  30nov2017(th)04:10  No.55431  I  P13R12
>>Anonymous  30nov2017(th)04:16  No.55432  I  P14
Autistic cancer is killing off humanity. Soon we will be nothing but a bunch of short brown retarded inbred goblin-like creatures flinging shit at each other in the crumbling ruins of society, destined to never again achieve our former greatness until the sun burns out and all life goes extinct.
>>Anonymous  30nov2017(th)12:12  No.55434  J  P15R13
I like video games.
>>Anonymous  30nov2017(th)16:59  No.55435  H  P16R14
I think it was you who was pretending to be retarded. You still are, but at least your speech has improved. Baby steps, you know?
>>Anonymous  30nov2017(th)17:02  No.55436  H  P17
What former greatness do you speak of?
>>Anonymous  30nov2017(th)18:46  No.55438  D  P18
>NO U!
That's all?
>>Anonymous  1dec2017(fr)02:04  No.55444  K  P19R15
The comments section: where angry people go to cry at each other.

(Doesn't matter what site.)

>>Anonymous  2dec2017(sa)01:10  No.55456  L  P20
into the trash
>>Anonymous  2dec2017(sa)11:11  No.55464  C  P21R16
Make sure you don't accidentally knock your thesaurus off your desk when you tip your fedora, faggot.
>>Anonymous  4dec2017(mo)01:58  No.55494  M  P22R17
That reads like a tumblrite feminist.
That reads like a desperate nigger in the Youtube comments section trying to get +1's.
Both of you are cancerous faggots and should kill yourselves.
>>Anonymous  4dec2017(mo)06:03  No.55500  J  P23R18
Mario is my favourite.
>>Anonymous  4dec2017(mo)21:12  No.55523  N  P24R19

You should've been here in the early 2011s. This board was rather dead from the start with the ONLY frequent uploads being furshit (based torrent-san aside). So this swf is actually oldschool swfchan.
I never understood why or when exactly this site got any popularity at all, but the frequency of .org sure went 100x at some point.
And if all those kekmasters who bumped threads like beef_curtains.swf
or made entire threads be about patreon faggotry, PP34 whining or the old MUH BLACK DIK, or cum buttons, all leave, it would be very fine by my standard.

>>Anonymous  5dec2017(tu)16:17  No.55540  H  P25R20
This reads like all of the above. What should be the prognosis for you? Darwin award?
>>Anonymous  6dec2017(we)01:22  No.55548  O  P26R21
Why are we all fighting why can't we just get along
>>Anonymous  6dec2017(we)12:55  No.55560  P  P27R22
spotted the newfag
>>Anonymous  6dec2017(we)15:19  No.55562  Q  P28
swfchan: where trolls troll trolls trolling trolls
>>Anonymous  6dec2017(we)21:13  No.55566  F  P29R23
wow never thought someone would answer ^^
and this kind of data was what ive been searching for!
seems like its still getting visited quite often (~20000x day)
but i have no idea what it is in comparison to other sites but thx
>>Anonymous  6dec2017(we)21:23  No.55567  K  P30R24
This is reality.

Expecting any comments section, at all, to be good... delusional fantasy.

>>Anonymous  6dec2017(we)23:02  No.55569  R  P31R25
Unrelated to the flash i have lost my will to live. I have lost contact with the few friends i had. I know i could make new friends and get my life back on track but i just dont have the energy im chosing the easy way out. I hope you guys live a good life and are surrounded by people that love you and care for you. Love you guys
>>Anonymous  6dec2017(we)23:20  No.55571  J  P32R26
I like it when mario jumps and the game makes a "boing" sound I think that's a good sound to play when that happens
>>Anonymous  7dec2017(th)00:03  No.55572  H  P33R27
Here's hoping you reconsider.
>>Anonymous  7dec2017(th)00:04  No.55573  H  P34
Woops, meant that for you instead, but I guess it's fitting to both.
>>Anonymous  8dec2017(fr)09:36  No.55603  I  P35
Friends are for the weak.
>>Anonymous  10dec2017(su)19:28  No.55648  S  P36R28
get out of swfchan
>>Anonymous  11dec2017(mo)03:38  No.55662  H  P37R29
That's all that's needed.
>>???? ????  30dec2017(sa)04:55  No.55881  T  P38R30
After reading this. I have no idea what to say. So, fuck it! I'll put a link to a random song from Sonic.
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