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>>cheapcolour  24nov2017(fr)21:40  No.55323  OP  P1

I finished the first one, One more to go.

All thanks and praise goes to Dumper for this great flash, I just threw in some colours.

If you make any more of Tifa X Red I'd be more then happy to colour it.

Colouredtifa1.swf (634.9 KiB)
460x460, Compressed. 6 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  25nov2017(sa)01:13  No.55329  A  P2R1
Cant open it on firefox :(

Cant open anything on it on this site, apparently

>>Shrek  25nov2017(sa)01:30  No.55332  B  P3R2
Tifa eyes should be red

But vuery naisu siezza cha

>>Anonymous  25nov2017(sa)01:37  No.55333  C  P4R3
great job! however i suggest you google the official artwork of the character the next time you color, Tifa has maroon eyes (close to wine red) and the earring is white/light gray (if it isn't supposed to be transparent).

what browser brand and browser version are you on?

>>cheapcolour  25nov2017(sa)03:14  No.55335  OP  P5R4
I based the colours off n0nd3scr1pt's image which was the base image of the flash.

Unfortunately I can only do flat colours, as much as Id love to add in detailed textures as far as I can figure it out I'd have to basically redo the entire flash.

The whole thing is done pretty dirty in the first place,

>>Anonymous  26nov2017(su)19:55  No.55366  D  P6R5
You should totally color a similar flash of Irelia (from League).

Fairly similar, though more complex, if you can do it. The original it's based off of has colors I believe.

>>Anonymous  2dec2017(sa)18:13  No.55467  E  P7R6
>I based the colours off n0nd3scr1pt's image which was the base image of the flash.
Which were wrong as the artist himself acknowledged, he fixed her coloration for his second set of images
>>Anonymous  3dec2017(su)01:48  No.55477  F  P8R7
Just need sound now :c
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