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>>Anonymous  21nov2017(tu)06:54  No.55236  OP  P1
1.swf (6 MiB)
550x400, Compressed. 7592 frames, 24 fps (05:16).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  21nov2017(tu)07:50  No.55243  A  P2R1
top kek
>>Anonymous  24nov2017(fr)04:42  No.55306  B  P3R2
Nice work anon. Kekked.
>>Anonymous  24nov2017(fr)08:00  No.55309  C  P4R3
Fuckin stop lol
>>Anonymous  25nov2017(sa)17:52  No.55345  D  P5R4
OK so this was genuinely entertaining
>>Shrek  25nov2017(sa)20:53  No.55347  E  P6R5
not the update we deserve, but the update we need.
>>Shrek  25nov2017(sa)21:43  No.55349  F  P7R6
Stop using my name, also you fucked the quote up.
>>Anonymous  25nov2017(sa)22:02  No.55350  G  P8R7
I lol'd
>>Anonymous  26nov2017(su)05:05  No.55358  H  P9R8
It's not funny you cancerous faggots. fuck off and die.
>>Anonymous  26nov2017(su)06:56  No.55360  I  P10R9
That wasn't funny that was just garb.
>>Shrek  26nov2017(su)16:12  No.55363  E  P11R10
Your real name is shrek? Wow, you should commit sudoku and kill your parents beforehand.
>>Shrek  26nov2017(su)16:36  No.55364  F  P12R11
You killed your parents? Wow, you should probably stop bragging about it on the internet.
>>Anonymous  27nov2017(mo)00:12  No.55368  J  P13R12
If left playing in the background for a long time, The rocky theme starts to play

I was very confused

>>Anonymous  27nov2017(mo)04:39  No.55371  K  P14R13
I don't understand the joke to be honest. Like said only 10 people will actually get it.

I think it would have been nice if it had the There She Is music and timed so that 0:11 is played right when the door opens:

>>Anonymous  27nov2017(mo)20:59  No.55388  G  P15R14
>>Shrek  27nov2017(mo)21:45  No.55393  E  P16R15
The realest shrek should've known to kill their parents and live in the swamps while commenting on some swf porn.

B E G O N E T H O T.

>>Anonymous  27nov2017(mo)21:57  No.55394  F  P17R16
The true Shrek has people (his deepest lore parents) to browse and comment on the swifferpron for him, so that he has more free time.

D U N K E Y.

>>Anonymous  27nov2017(mo)22:05  No.55395  L  P18R17
>/f/ mysteries
Fuck, I hadn't had those in a long time, now I'm all intrigued.
Didn't know this version was made in '15, not that long ago, considering the original is most likey way older.
It's that dark time where I wasn't active much on /f/, so I have no idead about the inside joke.
I do remember that the rocky theme was also featured in the impossible quiz, no idea what that has to do with anything though.
>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)01:09  No.55397  K  P19R18
The original is from May 2014, he worked on it for 6 years.
>>Anonymous  2dec2017(sa)22:31  No.55472  M  P20R19
mother of god this is synced so good, kek'd real good
>>Shrek  3dec2017(su)16:31  No.55482  E  P21R20
that was supposed to be a secret ya dumbass, now you blew it ( ͜。 ͡ʖ ͜。)
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