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>>Anonymous  20nov2017(mo)17:08  No.55222  OP  P1
Slave Lord of the Galaxy 0.4

here it is

SLOG_Part_Two_ver_0.4.swf (25.57 MiB)
1040x585, Compressed. 1083 frames, 24 fps (00:45).
Ver28, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  20nov2017(mo)18:52  No.55226  A  P2R1
I can't capture any more than the green pixie, and every time I lay out bait it's just the green one. what do I do to get all 3?
>>Nyanxolotl  20nov2017(mo)20:02  No.55227  B  P3R2
Try again and again and again and again and again...
>>Anonymous  20nov2017(mo)22:54  No.55229  C  P4R3
The art got a lot better.

Is he outsourcing?

>>Anonymous  21nov2017(tu)00:10  No.55230  D  P5R4
The double anal and anal/blow scenes are pretty good
>>Anonymous  21nov2017(tu)02:10  No.55232  E  P6R5

Really? don't see any changes at all

>>Shrek  21nov2017(tu)20:08  No.55261  F  P7R6
Wow, Pink Tea is getting better

yeah sure the game is buggy.
But from medieval slave lord to slave lord of the galaxy,
pretty solid bdsm game from a newbie to bdsm or a hardcore bdsm fanatic.

This game series makes me wanna enslave rock headed bitch to a porridge slut.

>>Anonymous  24nov2017(fr)02:32  No.55303  G  P8R7
this is nice

guess the only undergrowth path is: center right left
after talking with the blue girl go back and say "nevermind" to the girl in the right tent, then go back to the place where the blue girl was to now find the green girl. that's when the game seems to start...

>>Anonymous  24nov2017(fr)02:49  No.55304  H  P9R8
Still can't draw nipples for shit though
>>Shrek  24nov2017(fr)18:19  No.55320  I  P10R9
yep, still working on those nips. The past game are just man nipps lel
>>Shrek  24nov2017(fr)18:19  No.55321  I  P11
Can't deny that, but still better than it's early games.

Looks like man nipples if u ask me

>>Anonymous  27nov2017(mo)17:47  No.55384  J  P12R10
I don't know, they kinda look alright to me, and I certainly fapped to the first SLOG flash.
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