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>>Anonymous  14nov2017(tu)18:25  No.55089  OP  P1
princess_peach_enslaver.swf (8.57 MiB)
640x480, Compressed. 366 frames, 24 fps (00:15).
Ver28, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  14nov2017(tu)20:15  No.55095  A  P2R1
there's value in still images as well
>>Anonymous  16nov2017(th)23:47  No.55120  B  P3R2
i keep getting fucked over by mario
what stupid shit
>>Anonymous  16nov2017(th)23:50  No.55121  B  P4
I meen this guy just straight up stole images from other artists and made a shitty game and are asking for money. I can look at all these pics by searching princess peach rule 34 on google
>>Anonymous  17nov2017(fr)00:48  No.55122  C  P5R3

I noticed that days 3, 4, 5 and 7 are skipped. Doesn't really leave enough time to do much.

>>Anonymous  17nov2017(fr)01:11  No.55125  D  P6R4
Oh god i remember this guy. Long ago did a very similar and more polished game with his own sprites and it looked promising for a beta....then out of fucking nowhere he replaced ALL his art with stock art from internet that seemed completely random ( and still asked for patreon money i for it. )

Then this comes, clearly the same game type....except the game is completely removed.

Either that, or the guy who copied him left his Patreon link.

>>Anonymous  17nov2017(fr)02:02  No.55126  E  P7R5
Out of context but:
Why is mario such cuck?
>>Anonymous  17nov2017(fr)14:52  No.55133  F  P8R6
Bowser and Peach are happily married. Peach usually leaves a castle attended by a single toad to deal with Mario's attempts to capture her. The problem is that Mario is a superhuman that can tear through any attempts to stop him so Bowser and Peach have been using a delaying tactic sending Mario all over the world trying to achieve something.
Bowser jr.'s mother is Peach. He was born during one of Peach's "Long kidnaps".

Therefore Mario isn't a cuck. He's trying to cuck Bowser but he's too stupid to do it successfully.

>>Anonymous  20nov2017(mo)03:03  No.55204  G  P9R7
>>Anonymous  23nov2017(th)23:09  No.55295  B  P10R8
My life is a lie
>>Anonymous  23nov2017(th)23:28  No.55299  A  P11R9
it all finally clicks
>>???? ????  30nov2017(th)01:36  No.55429  H  P12R10
Miyamoto confirmed that he was Bowser Jr.'s mother. So....
>>Anonymous  30nov2017(th)18:52  No.55439  I  P13R11
Miyamoto is Bowser Jr.s mother?
>>Anonymous  30nov2017(th)19:12  No.55440  J  P14R12
Are you really surprised though?
>>Anonymous  1dec2017(fr)00:34  No.55443  K  P15R13
Yep, answered that directly.
Plus in Mario Sunshine's ending Bowser and Jr. straight up talk about how Peach isn't actually Jr's mom.
>>Anonymous  1dec2017(fr)02:18  No.55445  A  P16R14
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)19:59  No.55718  L  P17R15
has nanyone the cheat codes?
>>Anonymous  24dec2017(su)01:39  No.55735  M  P18R16
this shit is literally the worst. The creator just needs to die.
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