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>>Titan V2  11nov2017(sa)23:38  No.54993  OP  P1

Raven and Starfire

Creambee - TitanTrain V2.0.swf (2.55 MiB)
1210x715, Compressed. 6 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)09:46  No.55008  A  P2R1
What is the name if the creator of this? And does the creator have some kind of internet based monetary transaction service account I can use to support the creator with minor but still important financial transfers?
>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)12:23  No.55013  B  P3R2
Some artists improve. Others regress.
>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)13:13  No.55016  C  P4R3
This one improves.
>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)13:43  No.55017  D  P5R4
3.0 when
>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)20:17  No.55027  B  P6R5
Agree to disagree.
>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)22:15  No.55031  E  P7R6
Love all of the work you make, but can you let all future works have a feature where you don't have to hold the mouse down to give the characters a handjob since it's kinda awkward. Also more Paizuri/Onaholes please!
>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)23:32  No.55033  F  P8R7
>closet faggot being this insecure

Go suck a dick already, geez

>>Anonymous  13nov2017(mo)01:12  No.55034  G  P9R8
The artist is named CreamBee and has a Patreon this is a WIP
>>Anonymous  19nov2017(su)18:07  No.55191  H  P10R9
Not saying much, but I think this is the best thing Creambee has done.
>>Anonymous  25nov2017(sa)02:22  No.55334  I  P11R10
I can't believe creambee has actually improved to this point
those early flashes where horrifying but recently they've been pretty fappable
>>Anonymous  25nov2017(sa)04:01  No.55337  J  P12R11
So, what changed?
>>Anonymous  25nov2017(sa)09:38  No.55342  K  P13R12
Edit out the nigger.
>>Anonymous  25nov2017(sa)09:41  No.55343  K  P14
Your opinion is shit and you should kill yourself.
>>Anonymous  27nov2017(mo)04:32  No.55370  L  P15R13
>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)01:34  No.55398  M  P16R14
Look mom I'm being a meemster and telling people to kill themselves ex dee
>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)04:42  No.55399  N  P17R15
>implying he's wrong
It needs a lot of improvement to match work that's already been done.
>>Anonymous  28nov2017(tu)05:50  No.55400  O  P18R16
Added new character and skin options and you have an x-ray option for the book and for some reason the girls' mouths
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