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>>Anonymous  11nov2017(sa)16:08  No.54979  OP  P1
Behind-the-Dune-v14.3-04-2017.swf (12.06 MiB)
1152x864, Compressed. 24 frames, 20 fps (00:01).
Ver14, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  14nov2017(tu)12:31  No.55077  A  P2R1
Guild navigator needs sex scene plox.
>>Anonymous  15nov2017(we)11:34  No.55114  B  P3R2
There is a small one in the endings
>>Anonymous  17nov2017(fr)08:15  No.55128  C  P4R3
yeah and its nipple fucking which is bad
>>Anonymous  17nov2017(fr)09:25  No.55129  D  P5R4

nipple fuck isnt bad...

>>Anonymous  17nov2017(fr)16:53  No.55136  E  P6R5
Honestly I think the best looking girls are Lady Jessica and "the smuggler". Shame there doesn't seem to be an ending with either of them. There's the ending where you join the Harkonnens out of nowhere that has Paul fucking Jessica's ass but it's not exactly a good ending. And I want the smuggler to make good on her promise to make me a warlord.
>>Anonymous  17nov2017(fr)22:18  No.55144  C  P7R6
of all the orifices that dont need a dick the mick ducts are number one with a bullet
if i had the money id commission the guy to make an alternate scene of vaginal fucking and then replace the nipple fucking scene with it
>>Anonymous  18nov2017(sa)07:27  No.55156  F  P8R7

make deal with emperor you have incest relations with your mother

another to get mother with princess is you need bring back your father instead of other guy.

there is none with he smuggler

>>Anonymous  18nov2017(sa)11:57  No.55159  G  P9R8
Are you gay or something?
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