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>>mr. meeseeks  8nov2017(we)01:51  No.54864  OP  P1
ECM 3.swf (2.77 MiB)
1280x960, Uncompressed. 2 frames, 12 fps (00:00).
Ver10, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>mr. meeseeks  8nov2017(we)02:07  No.54866  OP  P2
I fele like starting a non-thread-related debate here.

Q: Whats the best kind of pie?

>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)05:12  No.54874  A  P3R1
cherry pie of course
>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)12:17  No.54894  B  P4R2
>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)16:23  No.54899  C  P5R3
creampie is the best
>>Shrek  8nov2017(we)16:32  No.54900  D  P6R4
>>54866 >>54874 >>54894 >>54899
It's Poontang Pie degenerate scums
>>Anonymous  13nov2017(mo)04:29  No.55041  E  P7R5
Strawberry rhubarb
Cherry and apple faggots gtfo
>>Anonymous  13nov2017(mo)07:55  No.55043  F  P8R6
Apple & cinnamon pie
>>Anonymous  13nov2017(mo)22:33  No.55063  G  P9R7
everything but Pewdiepie..
>>Anonymous  15nov2017(we)02:50  No.55109  H  P10R8
i would like to know where's this from... anyone knows?
>>mr. meeseeks  17nov2017(fr)23:10  No.55145  I  P11R9
It’s from E.C.M 3, made by Zankuro, also uncommonly known as Sys3.6.3. Im sure if you look it up you can find other E.C.M games. There should be 4 right now. Not sure if Zankuro will make more.
>>mr. meeseeks  2dec2017(sa)00:21  No.55455  J  P12R10
Holy fuck. just learned Zakuro made a fifth E.C.M. It’s got Henrietta in it, which is a bummer because fucking flattie... But on the bright side, first ECM with a slime girl in it! Would be nice if a fellow SWFchan-er would upload a few of the scenes or something.
>>Anonymous  2dec2017(sa)05:26  No.55460  K  P13R11
It's an .exe without any swf files included, and I'm not sure it's still vector-based.
>>Anonymous  2dec2017(sa)06:11  No.55461  C  P14R12
Are any of them vectors? I'm too lazy to check anyone except the one OP posted and it doesn't use vectors (press Scale twice to turn off swfchan's auto-scaling, then hold CTRL and use mousewheel to zoom in (position the mouse over the vertical scrollbar once it becomes visible in the browser to keep scrolling). The pixels becomes more and more visible so it isn't vectors. The file size also gives it away; since there's no audio the swf file would be below 1 MiB if it used vectors.
>>Anonymous  2dec2017(sa)09:26  No.55463  L  P15R13
have a download link for ECM5
password is swfchan
>>mr. meeseeks  7dec2017(th)05:29  No.55579  M  P16R14
Really sucks then if people aren’t able to extract any sort of “interactive” things out of the .exe without swf files. Was looking forward to uploading a few, most notably the slime girl one.
>>Anonymous  8dec2017(fr)17:27  No.55609  N  P17R15
Who needs tits when you've got a cute tummy?
>>Anonymous  9jan2018(tu)21:53  No.56129  O  P18R16
old post but its only 8 dollars on DLsite apprently.
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