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>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)01:48  No.54818  OP  P1
new minus8 flash

bf.swf (1.56 MiB)
900x800, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)03:38  No.54819  A  P2R1
>autism8 using buttons

Is this real life?

>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)04:30  No.54820  B  P3R2
song plz
>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)04:46  No.54821  C  P4R3
nice! thanks for uploading it.

as usual i don't recognize where the character is from

>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)06:43  No.54827  D  P5
love minus8 but that's ugly as fuck
>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)19:01  No.54837  E  P6R4
Well, it's definitely new. :^|
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)02:03  No.54838  F  P7R5
This animation Seems almost lazy.
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)02:15  No.54839  G  P8R6
Minimalist, but alright. 7/10
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)04:34  No.54841  H  P9R7
well that's a step down from everything he's made
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)05:17  No.54842  I  P10R8
anyone know the source content?
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)15:10  No.54847  C  P11R9
stop being so negative everybody, it's like you want him to stop making stuff.
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)19:09  No.54850  J  P12R10
he's thread disappeared, sad :(
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)23:36  No.54851  K  P13R11
Trust me. The guy won't see this.
>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)04:42  No.54872  L  P14R12
even if minus8 did see people being negative about his shit, he literally does not care about anyone and what they think, negative OR positive, he has so many fucking mental issues that he really doesnt give a shit about anyone who is pretty much a nobody because the only people he cares to impress and know are people who can also draw cute art so he can justify himself as someone who can be popular by trading oc art with various artists he can get his mitts on. Say his flashes are the best thing ever and he will literally not give a shit about you or what you said, say its the worst thing ever and he'll agree because hes immensely negative on his own and cares not about any form of praise.

Im legit surprised there are so many minus8 fans out there who still dont fucking get it. If you dont have a really cute art style and a really cute oc that minus8 can draw his persona fucking and then return the favor by personally drawing his persona with your fursona fucking he doesnt give a fuck about you or your existence or your positivity and praise. It honestly has nothing to do with him making porn and being in south korea where porn is illegal, minus8 has been and always will be an extremely negative person who only takes pleasure in being recognized by artists with cute characters and the masses praise him by claiming that they're nothing compared to him.

>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)05:18  No.54879  M  P15R13
>If you dont have a really cute art style and a really cute oc that minus8 can draw his persona fucking and then return the favor by personally drawing his persona with your fursona fucking he doesnt give a fuck about you.
made me lol for some reason
>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)07:59  No.54885  C  P16R14
I think he will. Even if not it's still a bad thing to do because other artists will see all the negativity on swfchan and decide not to participate with their own creations.

It's fine to be negative sometimes but looking around it appears like most people just post when they have something to complain about and say nothing when they are pleased. At least try to do both, go on and compliment a flash with 0 replies sometime. It really does a lot of good.

>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)08:17  No.54888  G  P17R15
If I have no issues, why would I comment. You can go fuck ya self.
>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)10:43  No.54893  N  P18R16
Isn't porn Illegal in the worst korea? It would be a shame if someone pointed his streams and accounts to the ricenigger coppers. It would be a real shame if he ended up in prison :^)
>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)12:24  No.54895  B  P19R17
What's the song?

The -8 fanbase would dox and assassinate the culprit.

>>Songboii  10nov2017(fr)00:47  No.54940  O  P20R18
Song is

Killa kokain - Droplex

Took like two sec on Shazam

>>Anonymous  10nov2017(fr)14:11  No.54955  B  P21R19
>>Anonymous  11nov2017(sa)21:12  No.54992  P  P22R20
Making so many AMVs has apparently dulled his skills, this may be one of his worst works. SAD!
>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)00:16  No.55001  C  P23R21
Because you want to see more. It takes 2 seconds to write something nice and it makes the artist feel like his hard work doesn't go unnoticed. The mental capabilities of some...
>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)01:40  No.55002  G  P24R22
You have no idea what I want. This was ok at best. I would rather have him do something better then to stick to flashes like this. Why you assuming shit all of a sudden?
>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)10:15  No.55010  Q  P25R23
People definitely do dole out compliments on this site when they feel it's deserved, it's not always negative. Keyword on "DESERVED". Of course everyone's threshold is different depending on the person, but since we've been "anon" for a very long time, and since we've seen every flash under God's sun, that threshold is pretty low.

So no reaction isn't a bad reaction. A bad reaction to your flash will be clearly visible.

>>Anonymous  12nov2017(su)16:23  No.55018  R  P26
>we need more sugarcoating and participation trophies
Just fucking stop, retard. Fuck off.
>>Anonymous  18nov2017(sa)00:47  No.55146  E  P27R24
No u
>>Anonymous  18nov2017(sa)04:10  No.55154  C  P28R25
>how to kill off flash in just 1 simple step
>>Anonymous  18nov2017(sa)11:33  No.55158  S  P29
lol u mad bro

>this is how maymay arrows work right?
>all you meanies need to be nice or flash will die
Fuck off, pussy.

>>Anonymous  22nov2017(we)00:15  No.55267  K  P30R26
So, yeah he won't see this.
>>Anonymous  25nov2017(sa)08:06  No.55340  T  P31R27
It seems like a rushed project, the composition btw the music style and the animation are far from what minus have show so far.

In my opinion seems like he is experimenting with the "interactivity" of this flash. So far that I can remember, the only other work of his that have this interactive scenes is the bj with Isabelle (animal crossing)
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