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>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)05:02  No.54756  OP  P1

New derpixon

Derpixon-551180-Demon_Girl_The_Showcase_2017.swf (15.12 MiB)
850x650, Compressed. 2562 frames, 24 fps (01:47).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Shrek  3nov2017(fr)05:36  No.54758  A  P2R1

I don't know either lol

>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)08:06  No.54761  B  P3R2
VERY nice. it's not trivial earning your wings.
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)10:31  No.54766  C  P4R3
For those who somehow don't know the reference
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)10:57  No.54767  D  P5R4
There was a clickable part at the end scene at heaven. It was a winged tentacle that has a crown in it. It doesn't seem to trigger anything though...
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)10:59  No.54768  E  P6R5
if you click END and then click on the snake on the left of the girl head you can hear a moan and the snake becomes darker but nothing changes
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)14:51  No.54769  C  P7R6
well it says "There is an easter egg but not everyone will get it ;)" at the end credit screen so that might be it
my guess is it's a moaning from the original game?
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)16:15  No.54770  F  P8R7
Each time flashes are better and better. This game reminded me one of old ZONE works. My respect, mr. Derpixon.
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)17:06  No.54771  G  P9R8
Derpixon delivers

ahh, the original angel/ninja/whatever girl flash?

unrelated: anyone else having the animations on screen kinda fucked up?
some parts of it don't refresh, while others do
just updated the flash player, tried with/without html wrapper and locally
it's unwatchable like that, did adobe screw me over yet again?
on latest firefox here

>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)20:59  No.54775  H  P10R9
Man my childhood.
I think I still have this game hacked in my folder.
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)23:23  No.54781  I  P11R10
It says LM on the tentacle and Linemarvel is the original flash creator so perhaps it refers to LM being up in Heaven (perhaps not literally, simply referring to end of his work), never really followed LM's story and I can't currently find anything by him after those 2 flashes, so maybe it's that.
>>Anonymous  4nov2017(sa)03:32  No.54789  J  P12R11
Those were actually inspired by the original Jungle girl and Demon girl, which are pretty shitty nowadays. Still nice trivia though.
>>Anonymous  5nov2017(su)06:25  No.54806  K  P13R12
I know fans spawned a forum for him
>>Anonymous  7nov2017(tu)06:55  No.54844  L  P14R13
As far as i can tell, it has no other content, it just triggers a moan from the original series on pressing that.
>>Anonymous  8nov2017(we)05:34  No.54881  M  P15R14
A new game from Derpixon always makes the day a bit brighter.
>>Anonymous  10nov2017(fr)17:52  No.54957  N  P16R15
Woah, so that's where the name comes from . . .
>>Anonymous  10nov2017(fr)20:34  No.54965  G  P17R16
Does Line Marvel still exist? or is ulmf all that is left of his creation?
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