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>>Harararara  2nov2017(th)01:03  No.54733  OP  P1

Dzieki hsidhkskdjd

simbro.swf (44.5 MiB)
1024x800, Uncompressed. 2 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  2nov2017(th)18:36  No.54746  A  P2R1
So what's new exactly?
>>blabliblub  2nov2017(th)23:43  No.54752  B  P3R2
I think they added the new Dzieki hsidhkskdjd
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)02:02  No.54753  C  P4R3
*checks the patreon to get some laught of the supporters and figure out what is new*

Oh, they rolled back to a stable version and fix that so it's actually a Downgrade. I think it's a nes record in patreon cows, downgrade to stay alive.

>>blabliblub  4nov2017(sa)00:45  No.54784  B  P5R4
you think they made it stable?... ist still somehow unplayable
eg. You fight someone and there are just so many dead Ends where you end up without any button to press so you Need to reload the game.... idk... strange one
>>blabliblub  4nov2017(sa)00:46  No.54785  B  P6
oh and the same goes for the city after switching to the second part to the right
>>Anonymous  4nov2017(sa)18:24  No.54799  D  P7R5
Im gonna make a thumbnail in paint for my new game and post it on my patreon and upload a comment once a month saying: I have been soooooo busy i cant believe how busy ive been.
>>Anonymous  5nov2017(su)05:30  No.54805  E  P8R6
>Okay, for those of you who want the actual change notes.

Updated to 2.5a

- fixed Slums, threat will first appear only after 25 REP. (Was turned to 0 before for texting purposes)

Changelog for 2.5:

- New Halloween costumes for event. They will appear in the outfit shop. They are presented at the picture above.

- New event with Hitomi, check her pleasing herself when her other events are completed.

- New morning event for Alice, that appears after 'girlfriend' event.

- Now undress top option for receptionist is permanent and allow her to entertain waiting clients. Just leave the room and enter it again when there is clients that lost some mood waiting.

- Playing as FC you can entertain clients by yourself, using that 'entertain' button instead of 'offer'. A lot of animations involved. We like the idea of having separate undress animations. It would be cool to add them to all undress options in the future.

- We added 'peek' button for reception, so you can cycle through scenes when gloryhole clients arrives. We tried to put all peek scenes to the same format, so buttons will be in the same places for all 'peek' locations.

- We had to start a new project file and started to export all the previous code parts to new one. Which is finished. A lot of struggle was with animations, some nipples got randomly moved away from the original position, so if you see that glitch tell us where did you find it, so we can fix it. That was a hell of job, just to get rid of compile crush bug. Which is done now.

- Fixed a lot of 'stuck' bugs for existing quests and scenes, because we had to export all of them one by one. We can't say, they are all perfectly tested, so if you find the bug - let us know.

Sorry guys for silence and a long waiting. It was a nightmare to refactor that large amount of code not even knowing if it's going to help, or how long does it take. Especially when only one guy was doing it capable to read and understand his own legacy code. There are much more to do, bring B2 travel quest, and all gym and street location events back in this version. But the main crisis is over.

With hope for understanding,

SimBro team

 the picture above.jpg

>>???? ????  30nov2017(th)01:34  No.55428  F  P9R7
Let's hope they'll pull themselves together quickly.
>>Anonymous  30nov2017(th)02:13  No.55430  D  P10R8
Fuckin AYYYY
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