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>>Anonymous  1nov2017(we)08:25  No.54722  OP  P1
Paper Mario Vivian's Moist BoobBang.swf (47.46 MiB)
1185x773, Compressed. 13 frames, 25 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  1nov2017(we)09:48  No.54723  A  P2R1


>>Anonymous  1nov2017(we)11:07  No.54724  B  P3R2
Some niggas like to put effort in bloating their file sizes.
>>Anonymous  1nov2017(we)21:49  No.54730  C  P4R3
Maybe the same problwm with the pac man flash idk
>>Anonymous  1nov2017(we)21:49  No.54731  C  P5
probably the same problem of the pacman flash
>>Anonymous  1nov2017(we)23:50  No.54732  D  P6R4
Why do people bitch about file size on flash games. It's an ok flash I guess.
>>Anonymous  2nov2017(th)07:56  No.54741  E  P7R5
We here on swfchan try to jugde swfs beyond the eye of the superficial.
Filesize is and will be an integral quality of a file. You see the screenplay, you see the actionscript and you see more simpler details like the filesize (from the infobox).
If you just use way more size than necessary, it shows that you haven't mastered your art.
Like wasting three gallons of paint on a 50x50 cm drawing.
It's still the same image, sure, but why make the paint extra 5 cm thick?
From an economical perspective it looks very amateurish.
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)08:10  No.54762  F  P8R6
No this one isn't vector graphics so it's understandable why the file size in this one is large. I'm guessing each frame is a seperate image, maybe even in lossless quality, and the flash part of this file is mostly just the interface.
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)08:12  No.54763  F  P9
>Like wasting three gallons of paint on a 50x50 cm drawing.
>It's still the same image, sure, but why make the paint extra 5 cm thick?
Clever, I like the comparison
>>Anonymous  3nov2017(fr)23:32  No.54782  G  P10R7
What trigggers me is this bullshit trend PeachyPop started with that FUCKING SOUND EFFECT.
>>Anonymous  4nov2017(sa)06:54  No.54792  OP  P11R8
>implying that PeachyPoop started it.
>>Anonymous  4nov2017(sa)18:39  No.54800  H  P12R9
I thought the sound dated back to Playshapes, but I could be wrong I guess.
>>Anonymous  5nov2017(su)06:31  No.54807  I  P13R10
I think it goes back even further to Zone. Perhaps even further than that. Maybe an old Randy Solem parody?
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