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>>Anonymous  28oct2017(sa)19:06  No.54592  OP  P1
Paraphore 0.3.4

Latest paraphore vers. 10/28/17

2054750_Kittery_Paraphore_0.3.4.swf (17.17 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver23, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)04:09  No.54603  A  P2R1
>Posting Paraphore on swfchan

Oh man this is going to be beef curtains thread version 2.0. I'm right here at ground zero.

>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)04:36  No.54604  B  P3R2
Oh, neat- an update.
>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)06:01  No.54619  C  P4R3
All those shitposter from last thread aren't even on swfchan anymore, right. Right?
>>Anonymous  30oct2017(mo)00:38  No.54636  D  P5R4
What fucking bathroom has labels for women, men, girls, boys and ESPECIALLY families?
>>Anonymous  30oct2017(mo)04:37  No.54638  E  P6R5
I always liked text sex adventure games (such as CoC and FoE). This isn't one of them.
>>Anonymous  30oct2017(mo)06:08  No.54641  F  P7R6
If you're mentioning this you probably didn't get to the part where you can buy mass-produced infants sold as "fuckmeat" or something like that. Haven't played since I found it a year ago and have no desire to. It's like everything wrong with furries wrapped in one disgusting package.
>>Anonymous  30oct2017(mo)13:52  No.54652  G  P8R7
What the actual fuck
>>Anonymous  30oct2017(mo)14:30  No.54653  H  P9R8
>all those
Yeah "all" 2 guys IP hopping probably left.
>>Anonymous  30oct2017(mo)22:51  No.54659  I  P10R9
for as much as the porn is fucking awful and almost the entirety of this fucking game is cringy as fuck, I feel like if the coder and the writer made a non-furry non-sexual game, they'd fucking make a good one

too bad i can't jerk off to any of this though

>>Anonymous  31oct2017(tu)12:10  No.54686  A  P11R10

I found the first of the normies.

>>Anonymous  31oct2017(tu)18:00  No.54692  J  P12R11
I like the emoticon character since it's so fucking dorky, everything else can die in a fire. What a shame.
>>Anonymous  2nov2017(th)16:08  No.54745  K  P13R12
lmao this is so fucking meta
mynt or whatever has a scene with their creator and
they were doing all sort of fucked up stuff and their creator is getting mad at them
>>Anonymous  14nov2017(tu)04:29  No.55069  L  P14R13
This is actually clever. You know how you load up a humanoid model and tell the computer to complete an obstacle course, and it ends up walking using one arm and one leg, madly flailing the other two for balance... Well, this game is kind of about this but with interactions between NPCs, including sex and other stuff. Completely insane in all regards.

There are some characters that are put off by all this and are heavily implied to have originated from elsewhere and not being mere simulations.

Yes, I'm in it for the plot.

>>Anonymous  24nov2017(fr)08:18  No.55311  M  P15

That sounds intriguing as hell, but it's a shame I can't be asked to play through more fetish trash to get to that content.

>>Anonymous  24nov2017(fr)17:30  No.55318  N  P16R14
why is everyone virtue signalling about guro and advanced fetishes and shit. Posting here that you don't like them doesn't make you a better person. This is an anonymous imageboard ffs
>>Anonymous  24nov2017(fr)17:39  No.55319  O  P17R15
Why are you virtue signalling about virtue signalling? Calling out perceived virtue signalling doesn't make you a better person. This is a Rhodesian high altitude underwater full-contact blacksmithing website ffs.
>>Anonymous  26nov2017(su)09:44  No.55361  P  P18R16
Oh we're around
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