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>>Anonymous  27oct2017(fr)20:19  No.54577  OP  P1
reduced the file size from 21.1mb to 4.3mb without affecting the sequences and made Inky's gown transparent. as before, clicking along the display from left to right seeks, denoted by the number in the upper left corner.

ghost_enf_mouse_opt.swf (4.31 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 1 frame, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  27oct2017(fr)20:34  No.54578  A  P2R1
Wow, excellent work dude! Maybe you can answe what the heck took up all that space before, the file size was driving me nuts. I couldn't make sense of it.
>>Anonymous  27oct2017(fr)21:22  No.54579  B  P3R2
neato gj. typing with one hand now
>>Anonymous  27oct2017(fr)23:27  No.54581  OP  P4R3
originally every transform for every object was repeated over 8000+ frames, even though it's just a 51 frame loop for each sequence. this builds up really quickly. i took the 51 frame loop for each sequence and made it a sprite that replaces all those separate actions.
>>Anonymous  27oct2017(fr)23:53  No.54582  A  P5R4
Thanks for clearing it up! Strange that -8 isn't using the format properly since he's done so many flashes.
>>Anonymous  28oct2017(sa)21:25  No.54593  C  P6R5
very nice
>>Anonymous  28oct2017(sa)21:37  No.54594  D  P7R6
Amazing, how you do the arcane wizardry of the seek?

I thought it was by converting the swf to video, but it isn't.

>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)02:06  No.54601  A  P8R7
You inject ActionScript3. First a mouse event handler function and then you make the stage receive mouse down events. Upon clicks: Divide mouse x position with stage width to get delta. Clamp delta to 0-1 and then stage.gotoAndPlay(Math.floor(delta*stage.totalfra mes)). No need to downgrade a swf to a video just for a seekbar.
>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)04:08  No.54602  D  P9R8

But the original was a single frame, at least to flash player.

And the audio would unsync.

>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)06:00  No.54618  E  P10R9
Man, anon really delivers with his -8 flash improvements.
>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)06:39  No.54621  F  P11R10
Can't manage to extract a .fla from the original files with any Decompiler, how'd you do it?
Could you post a .fla maybe?
>>Anonymous  31oct2017(tu)18:22  No.54694  G  P12R11
>>Anonymous  31oct2017(tu)18:41  No.54696  H  P13R12
>the blue one's shirt is now transparant

You're doing god's work.

>>Anonymous  31oct2017(tu)19:10  No.54697  G  P14R13
maybe make flash like this gif
>>Anonymous  4nov2017(sa)16:44  No.54797  I  P15R14
rip no .fla
>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)06:45  No.54828  J  P16R15
Thanks Anon for read my request for the semi-transparent cloths.
>>Anonymous  6jan2018(sa)03:48  No.56027  K  P17R16
Still wish the biggest bust was somehow exposed, too.
Good job so far, still.
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