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>>Anonymous  26oct2017(th)06:59  No.54554  OP  P1
A commission by shawupp

slut maker v3.0.swf (34.28 MiB)
800x684, Compressed. 31 frames, 36 fps (00:01).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  26oct2017(th)07:55  No.54557  A  P2R1
>pussy job
>>Nigger Faggot  26oct2017(th)09:58  No.54560  B  P3R2
34 mb full of disappointment, even >1mb flashes has more interactivity than this mess.
>>Anonymous  27oct2017(fr)04:32  No.54568  C  P4R3
how the fuck is this 34 mb and this is v 3.0? holy shit...
>>Anonymous  27oct2017(fr)12:09  No.54571  D  P5R4
It's all uncompressed .png, isn't it
>>Anonymous  4dec2017(mo)09:47  No.55503  E  P6R5

I hope whoever commissioned this got their money back

>>Anonymous  4dec2017(mo)12:06  No.55504  F  P7R6
Fucking terrible.
>>Anonymous  4dec2017(mo)12:21  No.55505  G  P8R7
shut up you nigger faggot you're an inferior race and an abomination in the eyes of allah
allahwite powakbar!

...I should start a movement out of this. Call it "Alt R-shia-ght". Make a youtube channel and then mostly just yell at feminists when they say stupid shit on tumblr, even if it's completely irrelevant. ez moni.

We live in interesting times.

>>Anonymous  5dec2017(tu)04:58  No.55534  F  P9R8


>>Anonymous  5dec2017(tu)08:32  No.55537  G  P10R9
Dude, c'mon, why you gotta do it to a pig? pig didn't do shit to you, pig is the good guys. Look, I get it, you hate islam and they hate pigs (which is really silly when you think about it, just arbitrary hatred for a type of animal), so you put that book that they like in a dead pig's mouth, and you needed to kill the pig because live pigs don't like having books in their mouth and spit them out, but that's no good excuse to kill a good pig.
>>Anonymous  5dec2017(tu)10:59  No.55538  H  P11R10
her face looks more like frieza than widowmaker

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