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>>Pasha1001  23sep2017(sa)11:32  No.53629  OP  P1
Trixie & Vicky swfchan

Let's see how much trash I'll get for this!

Trixie & Vicky swfchan.swf (4.96 MiB)
1920x1080, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: Yes. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  23sep2017(sa)19:33  No.53631  A  P2R1
the only trash youll get is how shitty the animation is.
>>Anonymous  23sep2017(sa)20:20  No.53632  B  P3R2
oh god he is back. Putting on my spergsuit
>>Anonymous  23sep2017(sa)20:23  No.53634  C  P4
The faggot even tried insulting us under a different nametag, thinking he was clever.
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)02:16  No.53644  D  P5R3
if this was vectors and without the text i honestly would have praised it
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)08:51  No.53652  E  P6
If you ignore it, it'll go away.
>>Pasha1001  24sep2017(su)09:26  No.53653  F  P7R4
I do have the vector version without the text but this is the only version you'll get. I'm not uploading free cartoon porn for whiny little bitches that piss on other peoples work. I'm keeping it for myself until I find a way to share it with ppl that deserve it.
>>Pasha1001  24sep2017(su)09:26  No.53654  F  P8
I do have the vector version without text.
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)09:47  No.53656  G  P9R5
Or just hide your dicks so OP can't suck it. He's pretty much a cock sucking cunt who can't get enough cocks.
>>Pasha1001  24sep2017(su)11:19  No.53660  H  P10R6
Oh gosh since you asked so nicely I guess I'll have to upload something.
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)14:50  No.53670  D  P11R7
Sounds like a lie to me.
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)17:41  No.53675  I  P12R8
Pasha confirmed being landwhale's white knight
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)18:38  No.53676  J  P13R9
Who is this faggot again?
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)20:01  No.53679  C  P14
He's just a wannabe E-celeb, that plasters his retarded name on everything in a desperate attempt to become famous.
>downloads .swf files
>changes 1 pixel
>shits his name all over files
>gets 253% assmad when told to fuck off with the no effort attention whoring

How absolutely shocking.

>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)20:36  No.53680  K  P15R10
Ahhh see, I thought the problem was with the shitty flash animation, not the text obscuring it, thanks for clearing that up.
>>Pasha1001  24sep2017(su)21:08  No.53681  L  P16R11
Sry but I kinda switched from edits to practicing drawing & animating. I've uploaded this one just to mess with the tards for old times sake.
>>Pasha1001  24sep2017(su)21:14  No.53683  L  P17
Becoming famous by posting files to swchan... UHUHN

Dude you are killing me! It's nice to see that you guys are as easy to piss off as always. I feel like a kid again.

>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)23:49  No.53688  M  P18

1) You are a kid.
2) The only one enraged by every little comment is you.
3) No one cares about you. Here, we care about flash porn.
4) You may not try to become famous, but that doesn't stop you from desparately grabbing at any chunk of attention thrown in your general direction, does it?
5) This isn't 4chan. Copy-pasting shit nuggets is not going to bait anyone.

That being said, if you ignore it, it'll go away.

>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)01:46  No.53692  N  P19R12
>can't handle people shit talking artists
wow, I mean, i dont even shit talk artists normally, but you are a complete thin skinned faggot if you cant handle being an flash artist reading the retarded hate boner comments on here.

If you have lurked here any longer than a month or two you would realize the most vocal people that post here are ass hats and any little thing will make them give some kind of negative comment on your or other artists works but there are some that actually do give a real critical look at the works posted too and don't care about whatever small shit is bugging the ass hats as long as it's good quality.

but even if you do find some sub-set of people on the internet that you feel "deserves it" it will eventually find it's way back here or the archive, so good luck keeping it out of SWF chan once you do release it.

>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)02:55  No.53696  N  P20
oh wait disregard my last comment, you're that faggot that was just reposting flashes and making small retarded edits, if you have actually moved on to really making content, not just retarded edits to already existing flashes, then people might actually start liking you.
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)04:28  No.53703  O  P21R13
ily pasha
>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)11:09  No.53745  P  P22R14
haha oh wow, someone is a salty little fag
>>Anonymous  27sep2017(we)04:00  No.53773  Q  P23R15
go away
>>Anonymous  29sep2017(fr)17:02  No.53820  R  P24R16
seriously... this thread is still alive?
>>Anonymous  30sep2017(sa)22:13  No.53848  S  P25R17
Hi I'm Pasha2002 and I made this flash, please send some satoshis my way at 1111111111111111111114oLvT2. Thanks <3
>>Anonymous  1oct2017(su)13:13  No.53860  T  P26R18
hahaha sheckles and oy vey pepeeeee hahaha that's what you guys like right? I'll make shitty flash edits of stolen artworks and post them here hoping for praise! Surely that'll work! And anyone saying I'm a huge fagbag MUST be wrong, because clearly I am the best and my high brow ART is not for these people.

Get a grip, man, Jesus fucking Christ, you're trying so desperately to defend yourself but it's just wild flailing and screaming.

>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)18:33  No.53927  U  P27R19
If you're not gonna upload it here, is there another site you'll upload to? I'm always down for free smut and/or edits that I can fap to
>>Pasha1001  5oct2017(th)21:55  No.53991  V  P28R20

I'm not sure if I wanna make porn. The other creators are so fanatically trying to keep me from creating/editing stuff. They probably need every bit of $$$ they can get to resort to such length. I'm creative enough to do real cartoon series, games etc. With those I can earn a real living and not live from scraps.

If there are enough that want the real version I'm willing to upload it here but so far nobody directly asked for it.

>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)00:28  No.54000  W  P29R21
I'll bite the bullet and hereby humbly ask you to release it, even if just for archiving purposes.
>>Pasha1001  6oct2017(fr)16:39  No.54018  X  P30R22
ignore this samefag, im the real pasha. plz stick disjointed cocks up my gaping asshole
>>Pasha1001  6oct2017(fr)18:03  No.54023  W  P31R23
Then release the fucking thing!
>>CDG  14oct2017(sa)02:48  No.54219  Y  P32R24
ill trace it

and animate it way better lol
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