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>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)07:52  No.53247  OP  P1
Friend made this,tell me if you think it's shit.
It looks a bit chunky because i converted from MP4

googirl_anim_1.swf (9.78 MiB)
622x926, Uncompressed. 911 frames, 60 fps (00:15).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)08:47  No.53248  A  P2R1
lines around the head area morph too erratically
>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)09:20  No.53249  B  P3R2
There has to be better sound available. Otherwise, just make a cum scene and you'll be great.

Just...god that noise.

>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)09:53  No.53250  C  P4R3
I think the sound is okay for a goo girl. Lines could be steadier on the head but I like it.
>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)15:33  No.53255  D  P5R4
take one full cycle and make it loop, will cut down on the filesize like 95%
>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)15:57  No.53256  E  P6R5
well for starters it's a movie. could have been cut down to just 1 repeat on loop, saving 90% of the file size by the looks of it. it even has a god damn fadeout.

the art is alright but as a flash maker it annoys me. if it was proper flash with vectors i would have praised it. i estimate the file size would have been at around 100 KiB, including audio, and the visuals would have been flawless even on a 4K monitor.

>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)19:20  No.53265  F  P7R6
It's pretty good if you move away ~20ft and squint
>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)23:04  No.53271  OP  P8R7
Well again,i had to convert,next time they're probably gonna naturally export in flash,fixing yer complaints.
>>Anonymous  14sep2017(th)00:37  No.53273  E  P9R8
thank you and please do come again if that's true
>>Anonymous  14sep2017(th)08:02  No.53285  G  P10R9
Animation is pretty solid, but why not just have it loop the one section instead of having a blank screen at the last 1 or 2 frames?
>>Anonymous  14sep2017(th)14:27  No.53289  H  P11R10
>converted from MP4

it's shit

>>Anonymous  15sep2017(fr)14:57  No.53318  I  P12R11
The head's outline is rather inconsistent. And the sound is... strange, but appropriate for a goo girl I guess.
>>Anonymous  15sep2017(fr)14:57  No.53319  I  P13
You got a link to that friend of yours so I can compare this to other stuff he does?
>>Jesus  17sep2017(su)11:29  No.53380  J  P14R12
this is decent

if this is your friend's first anim
then he has a future in drawing porn

>>Anonymous  6nov2017(mo)14:07  No.54833  K  P15R13
A little chunky.
>>mr. meeseeks  8nov2017(we)04:05  No.54871  L  P16R14
Pretty good. Just needs a cum scene and a soundless version and your friend could be the next big hentai artist.
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