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>>Anonymous  11sep2017(mo)03:33  No.53182  OP  P1
Japanese Exhibitionism.swf (6.93 MiB)
320x240, Uncompressed. 1231 frames, 15 fps (01:22).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Erunamo  11sep2017(mo)05:26  No.53187  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  11sep2017(mo)17:11  No.53195  OP  P3R2
Sorry. No source info.
>>Anonymous  12sep2017(tu)01:22  No.53213  B  P4R3
Have you tried googling japanese exorcism
>>Anonymous  12sep2017(tu)01:22  No.53214  B  P5

fuckin autospell

>>Anonymous  12sep2017(tu)02:20  No.53224  C  P6R4
nipponland is glorious; immorality doesn't exist, only are you or are you not obeying your superior. western influences are showing through the cracks sure but it's still less than 75 years ago since they tried to take over the world.

their women basically cannot communicate to their surrounding that they are being raped or that they are doing something against their will, even if something is 100% consensual society still expect them to act as if they are being raped. even if they do genuinely try people hurry on by hoping not to get involved all the while telling themselves that "she was just pretending anyway". that most guys are secretly into it and actually just don't want to help doesn't make it better either.

just glorious. i wouldn't want to live in their culture one bit but I can admire it from afar. maybe visit one day, their extremely cash-based economy is super far from how it is in my own country.


>>Anonymous  12sep2017(tu)20:54  No.53240  D  P7R5
>I lernded muh knolodge frum vidya gaems, poorn, and anemays!
>>Anonymous  14sep2017(th)01:37  No.53276  E  P8R6
spoken like a true otaku
>>Anonymous  14sep2017(th)01:41  No.53277  E  P9
there is only 1 thing i will agree with, and it's that the rape fetish is strong for both males and females in japan.
>>Anonymous  14sep2017(th)06:09  No.53283  E  P10
sort of source
I managed to read the really blury japanese and get what it said right on the first try
it's one of the プチ裸出 videos
but there are a lot of them (10 volumes i think) but from what i can see, uploads and torrents are scarce.
>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)23:17  No.53400  F  P11R7
Looks like NHDT-007
>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)00:55  No.53403  E  P12R8
yea, i managed to snag a download yesterday, gona upload it to mega so you guys dont have to go through the long ass download I did. I have the others but will put them up for download later
>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)02:15  No.53413  E  P13
for anyone that wants!zYMDQbYI!DvCNFpBLkgk8SBCu4-aE_e yDYSAVl7jY612V2eAs7yY
>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)02:23  No.53414  C  P14R9
And you seem to think that surely their culture must be just like your own because how could it possibly not be.

A true otaku would want to live in Japan.

The rape fetish is strong everywhere in the world.

>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)03:39  No.53416  E  P15R10
>A true otaku would want to live in Japan.
you are confusing the meaning of weeb with otaku
>And you seem to think that surely their culture must be just like your own because how could it possibly not be.

not my statement but, the Japanese culture is obviously different, it's just not that retarded fantasy of what >>53224 thinks japan is, which clearly comes from Hgames/eroge.

>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)03:45  No.53417  E  P16
also rape fetish is strong everywhere, but sometimes japanese women, even when married will pretend/ fantasize that they are being raped, even though they are not, which is what I know from some of my friends experience and, was also mentioned on some Japanese guys blog that I read a long time ago.
>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)15:19  No.53435  G  P17R11
So in glorious nippon Hentai is real after all.

Hence worst fetish: NTR.
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