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>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  5sep2017(tu)02:59  No.53033  OP  P1
EroPharaoh - The Tales of St. Clare's (18+ Commission)

Commission release!

talesofstclarespub.swf (3.52 MiB)
1000x720, Compressed. 22 frames, 26 fps (00:01).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  5sep2017(tu)06:12  No.53034  A  P2R1
I like it
>>Anonymous  7sep2017(th)07:47  No.53086  B  P3R2
Pretty ok
>>Anonymous  7sep2017(th)08:45  No.53088  C  P4R3
>X-Ray is still on by default.

C'mon now. I remember talking to ya about this.

>>Anonymous  7sep2017(th)08:45  No.53089  D  P5R4
I'm almost sure the music is religious.
>>Anonymous  7sep2017(th)11:04  No.53094  E  P6R5
Can't you just turn it off?
>>Anonymous  7sep2017(th)12:04  No.53095  F  P7R6
>squirting strapon
>half overlay on top of penis
lazy but i lol'd a little, at least you tried

good work otherwise, never even heard of Tales of St. Clare's before

>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  7sep2017(th)14:17  No.53103  OP  P8R7

Haha, I remember. I figured it'd be okay since it's not directly over them (like the last one with x-ray), so it doesn't look like they're cut open.

It's a remix of Bach!

He actually wanted it to be a strap-on with a realistic penis, the only way I could think of doing that without it being confusing is putting a little bit of the pink part in there - the futa option I threw in because it was easy enough. ;)

>>Anonymous  8sep2017(fr)06:28  No.53123  G  P9R8
The other one should sprout a cock with the futa option is turned on.
>>Anonymous  8sep2017(fr)07:26  No.53126  B  P10R9
I mean yeah animation and looks are solid, but the content is pretty lackluster although my biggest complain would be that you removed the necktie when you half undress them, I miss it a bit. First world problem tho
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  8sep2017(fr)08:25  No.53127  OP  P11R10
I was kind of mad I missed that, I meant to have the tie hang across their shoulders and didn't realize I forgot that until release. I was pretty late with this one. The guy who commissioned it didn't mention it, so I'm guessing he didn't want the ties in that part anyway. I'm sincerely sorry about the ties. I feel shame.
Anyway, thanks, I'll keep working to improve! :D
>>Anonymous  9sep2017(sa)05:18  No.53146  H  P12R11
Its good, but not as good as your previous work
I think its the lack of variety in facial expressions
>>Anonymous  9sep2017(sa)06:38  No.53149  B  P13R12
Weird that you say that, I personally thought that was a highly specific problem I saw, never would have thought you actually wanted to do that.
Anyways, not Summers Birthday tier quality but enjoyable. I also miss more positions in your work, mostly it's 1 or 2 and the switching of characters.
Also more titjobs or blowjobs would be appreciated, but then again, I don't pay you so I don't have a say.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  9sep2017(sa)14:41  No.53154  OP  P14R13
The commission I'm working on now with Lois Griffin will have a POV cowgirl scene and a titfuck scene :D
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  9sep2017(sa)18:38  No.53157  OP  P15
I've fixed some errors twice in this flash, but I don't want to spam it here. The fixed version is up on Newgrounds:
>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)02:25  No.53161  I  P16R14
Hey, that's pretty good.
>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)10:55  No.53167  J  P17R15
I'm surprised you have the gall to post on a website with such a cancerous userbase. I respect that.
>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)10:56  No.53168  J  P18
I'm surprised you have the gall to post your stuff on a website with such a cancerous user base. I respect that.
>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)11:11  No.53169  K  P19R16
Fairly good. There's a lot of negative space, maybe you could add a zoom option.
>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)20:57  No.53173  L  P20R17
Wow, I can really only join what's been said before.
Animation and sound design is seriously solid. Just the lack of that certain pezaz (probably due to lack of creative freedom that comes from commission) makes it short of a AAA flash.
I love seeing a flash like that which isn't Family Guy, Rick&Morty or those mainstream unerotic cartoon shows. Makes it pretty good in my book.

PS: Noticed a little bug during cumming scene with a certain configuration. See Image. Didn't check if it was fixed in the newgrounds version.


>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)23:22  No.53179  F  P21R18
a good chunk of his fans probably come from here just so you know. im one of em.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  11sep2017(mo)05:51  No.53188  OP  P22R19
Thanks :)

I think most of the userbase is good people, mostly lurkers. The loudest are usually not the ones to listen to. ;) Thanks for the respect!

Zoom option is a good idea, though I probably won't be updating this (if I do, it won't be any time soon unfortunately - I have quite a bit of work backed up!)

>Just the lack of that certain pezaz (probably due to lack of creative freedom that comes from commission) makes it short of a AAA flash.

You're right about the lack of options being due to it being a commission - there's always so much more I want to put into my projects.

>I love seeing a flash like that which isn't Family Guy, Rick&Morty or those mainstream unerotic cartoon shows.

lol my next one is Family Guy and my main personal project right now is Rick & Morty...but after that, I've got some less mainstream commissions.

I did fix that bug on the Newgrounds version, but thanks for letting me know :D

Ey-ooooo! Thanks :)

>>Anonymous  11sep2017(mo)11:46  No.53194  M  P23
>displace userbase
>complain about new userbase being cancerous
What's that? Tastes kind of irony.
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