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>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)22:27  No.52949  OP  P1
when she wants you to wear rubber

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>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)08:27  No.52960  A  P2R1
Just a reminder, this is legally considered rape.
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)10:47  No.52967  OP  P3R2
everything is rape now, the word has lost meaning
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)11:44  No.52968  B  P4R3
Did your dad rape your mom then?
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)11:57  No.52969  C  P5R4
The act of removing the condom when you consent to using it and your partner trusts you're using it, is illegal. But it's just porn, so who cares.
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)12:15  No.52971  D  P6R5
I don't consent to you replying to him. Stop reply-raping me!
>>Anonymous  3sep2017(su)19:04  No.53009  E  P7R6
tbh if a girl i'm fucking puts holes in the condom when i'm fucking her and i find out i'm going to hit her

this is pretty hot though, cause it never happened cause it's pixels on a screen yeah fuck reality and all its flaws

>>Anonymous  3sep2017(su)22:49  No.53012  F  P8R7
It has the meaning of "you can fucking go to jail for it" so have fun with that.
>>Anonymous  4sep2017(mo)12:57  No.53022  G  P9R8
As Chad Warden once said:
"That music, that gay ass music..."
>>Anonymous  4sep2017(mo)13:00  No.53023  G  P10
No you wont go to jail for it either. You can lie about it and say it is the cum of someone else. Then refuse a DNA test until the statute of limitations is up.
>>Anonymous  5sep2017(tu)16:03  No.53042  H  P11R9
wow i cant believe this loser copied peachypop34
>>Anonymous  5sep2017(tu)17:05  No.53044  I  P12R10
5/7 troll, almost as good as the Dark Night.
>>Anonymous  6sep2017(we)10:19  No.53058  J  P13R11
*is rape

don't do this in real life yall

>>Anonymous  6sep2017(we)12:24  No.53059  K  P14R12
>asking people to not fuck a sheep IRL

This is racist, fucking sheeps is part of my country's culture.

>>Anonymous  6sep2017(we)12:45  No.53060  D  P15R13
Oh my gosh! Are you alright? Do you want me to contact the police for you?

You need to leave, right now. We don't want bigoted, white supremacist, victim blaming racists on our humanitarian forum of peace and love.

>>Anonymous  7sep2017(th)12:07  No.53096  OP  P16R14
such acts that bears the punishment of jailtime in court has that meaning. half of what feminists call rape nowadays, not so much.
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)22:30  No.53733  L  P17R15
Rape isn't even a legal consideration anymore, since even the pretense of a fair trial is long gone.
>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)00:02  No.53734  M  P18R16
Enjoy a side of thread necromancy with your righteous indignation today!
>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)05:24  No.53739  N  P19R17
Wouldn't help you in court.
>>Anonymous  16oct2017(mo)21:34  No.54287  O  P20R18
He means he's Welsh
>>Anonymous  17oct2017(tu)03:38  No.54295  F  P21R19
WTF is it about this thread that keeps bringing it back every 2-3 weeks? It wasn't even a good anim
>>Anonymous  17oct2017(tu)16:25  No.54306  P  P22R20
It's the eternal struggle between social skunks who throw a big gender grumpy because they can't get laid, and paladins of propriety who harbour the irrepressible suspicion that nobody grasps the concept of ethics without step-by-step guidance.
>>Anonymous  18oct2017(we)02:11  No.54338  Q  P23R21
You haven't been here during the beef curtains era, haven't you.
>>Anonymous  23oct2017(mo)04:42  No.54460  R  P24R22
*Summons thread from beyond the grave*
...what was the beef curtains era?
>>Anonymous  27oct2017(fr)15:51  No.54575  Q  P25R23
Implying you really don't know, as you are very new, and not just an oldfag trying to resurrect that unglorious topic:
The answer lies in the archived thread of "beef curtains.swf"
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