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>>Anonymous  31aug2017(th)22:02  No.52923  OP  P1
JS_Tentacle.swf (2 MiB)
700x420, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)16:05  No.52975  A  P2R1
Great upload man!

Kinda different art style going on here.

>>Anonymous  3sep2017(su)18:56  No.53008  B  P3R2
could've been better if the music was the siivagunner's version with reese's puffs at the background.
>>Anonymous  3sep2017(su)21:16  No.53011  C  P4R3
>The fucking mario sound effects again

I would rather have that tentacle repeatedly jab into my eye sockets than watch/listen this.

>>Anonymous  3sep2017(su)22:53  No.53013  D  P5R4
Anyone figure out what this is traced or reskinned from yet?
>>Anonymous  4sep2017(mo)02:16  No.53015  E  P6R5
Doesn't look like any of Minus 8's stuff. PP34's been making some original, or at least looks original, stuff so I guess she's trying to move past traced stuff.

Good for her, I was getting kinda sick of seeing Minus 8's stuff with a new character slapped on knowing people are paying for that.

>>Anonymous  4sep2017(mo)06:20  No.53016  F  P7R6
Since so many people ask for stomach bulge removal edits... how about editing one in? kekekeke.
>>Anonymous  4sep2017(mo)08:49  No.53019  G  P8R7
The waist is pretty weird, ngl. The more I look at what I'm assuming is supposed to be the lower half, the more she looks like two circles stacked on top of each other.

Also what the fuck is up with that dick, and the peach sound?

>>Anonymous  4sep2017(mo)09:42  No.53020  H  P9R8
The way her legs connect makes no sense either. I'm guessing this is her original artwork, which explains a lot.
>>Anonymous  4sep2017(mo)18:35  No.53028  I  P10R9
Copying -8 style, how typical and unsurprising
>>Anonymous  5sep2017(tu)01:43  No.53031  J  P11R10
It doesn't look anything like minus 8's style though. I do have beef with how it looks a little like bootleg Star vs the world though.
I preferred her other design in the titfuck one of the snapchat one, maybe its just the glasses.
But hey, they're becoming a better artist and animator with every complaint.
>>Anonymous  5sep2017(tu)06:13  No.53035  K  P12R11
It's not as horrific as her normal work.
It's very lacking in options and the sounds are awful.
>>Anonymous  8sep2017(fr)00:08  No.53117  L  P13R12
This kinda reminds me of one of RockCandy's flashes.

Could be wrong though.

>>Anonymous  8sep2017(fr)06:56  No.53125  M  P14R13
Sounds are stolen from Peach's Untold Tale.
>>Anonymous  8sep2017(fr)09:41  No.53129  N  P15R14
>>Anonymous  8sep2017(fr)10:57  No.53131  J  P16R15
You say that but hearing those noises come out of her rather than peach getting railed by a goomba puts me out of it
>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)10:09  No.53166  O  P17R16
The face is still awful.
>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)20:14  No.53172  I  P18
Does anyone else doubt that the queen landwhale lurks on SWFchan?
She went on to asshurt tirades and employed her blind patrejew supporters to shill and white knight here on more than one occasion.

PS: PP34 just kill yourself already you lardass

>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)21:11  No.53175  P  P19R17
I don't think anyone, be it her or her shills were ever here on swfchan.
Someone just posted a paywall flash of hers, and then the ride started. And since then OP enjoys to watch things burn whenever he/she is mentioned.
>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)21:38  No.53176  Q  P20R18
But I thought she deleted her twitter (or something like that) because of us?
>>Anonymous  10sep2017(su)22:24  No.53177  R  P21R19

I'm having a hard time believing any of us on this board could convince anyone to delete their social media accounts.

>>Anonymous  11sep2017(mo)00:20  No.53180  S  P22R20
Either she or one of her patrons lurks here, since I posted a comment about how "all she needed to do was cite her goddamned sources", and then she cited the source of her next shitty animation. Considering how long it took her to do that, I doubt she had had an epiphany on the matter and decided to do it out of the blue.
>>Anonymous  11sep2017(mo)00:26  No.53181  T  P23R21
Wut? She had a twitter?
>>Anonymous  12sep2017(tu)01:48  No.53223  A  P24R22
Anonymous is everybody and at least a couple out of all people on Earth should be able to do it. It's not like you or I only hang out on this specific board on the Internet.
>>Anonymous  12sep2017(tu)13:41  No.53232  T  P25R23 9427201
also this is the proof that the flash was made without nitro's permission.
>>Anonymous  12sep2017(tu)13:43  No.53233  T  P26
sorry wrong thread
>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)18:34  No.53263  Q  P27R24
Finally some justice: 5408
If only more of her patrons were like this.
>>Anonymous  13sep2017(we)23:01  No.53270  I  P28R25
Imminent doxing made her shit her britches. TBQH I'm behind that notion.
>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)14:41  No.53428  P  P29R26
Nah, you're referring to her futa shantae flash.
That was one of her older ones, it just was bumped to the top and then someone made that comment.
PP34 still doesn't cite anything she traces, but there has been more original artwork of her lately.
>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)08:20  No.54086  U  P30R27
>gross old pedophile uses minimalism art style

>pretty decent savvy girl starts off editing popular projects to learn, and finally builds a career making original art
"Ugh what a fat landwhale (doritos bag under man flabs crinkles) not even original art (wheezes from exhaustion) I'd never fuck a whale like that!"

Fuck off gamergaters.

>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)08:44  No.54087  K  P31R28
>Gross old pedophile makes original art

>Fat bitch steals his work and calls it hers
>You go gurl

>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)10:24  No.54090  V  P32R29
Someone already identified the artist she stole from for this one?
>>Anonymous  9oct2017(mo)17:36  No.54111  W  P33R30
from the quality of it, i think this is original
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