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>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)23:47  No.52842  OP  P1
village_sex_life.swf (4.56 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 2 frames, 65 fps (00:00).
Ver13, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  28aug2017(mo)11:20  No.52856  A  P2R1
So Stardew Valley with nudity? Looks promising. If the final product has a cleaner art style and a bit of polish I can see myself sinking hours into this, just like actual Stardew.
>>Anonymous  28aug2017(mo)12:41  No.52859  B  P3R2
You mean harvest moon with nudity.
>>Anonymous  28aug2017(mo)12:42  No.52860  C  P4R3
Nah, I'm pretty sure it's real life farming, but with less nudity.
>>Anonymous  28aug2017(mo)13:04  No.52861  D  P5R4
The cursor fucking sucks. I don't know why it doesn't synch with my real cursor, but it's ALWAYS going off-center making clicking things almost impossible.
>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)06:00  No.52866  A  P6R5

Nah, I said Stardew because the movement controls and the character models remind me of Stardew. If there is a Harvest Moon game with similar art and controls then I suppose you are correct. I haven't played a lot of Harvest Moon games; they didn't interest me at all when I was young and I didn't give that style of game a second chance until about a few years ago.

>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)06:40  No.52867  E  P7R6
anyone else getting a bug with the shops where they just greet you and don't let you buy anything
>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)07:03  No.52868  F  P8R7
>character models
Sure, I can see the similarities there.
I wasn't aware Stardew Valley had radically different controls from Harvest Moon. I thought the biggest difference was the inclusion of a combat system?
>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)07:10  No.52869  G  P9R8
a always farm in the nude, I don't want my clothes getting sweaty
>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)12:03  No.52874  H  P10R9
If you read the sign outside the shops, it says they only open at 10am. You probably tried buying something too early.
>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)13:13  No.52875  I  P11R10
P to bring up Cheat Input

I don't know the code

>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)14:47  No.52876  J  P12R11
Sex scenes aren't too bad.
>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)18:43  No.52877  K  P13R12
Game breaks all over the place once you build the pub. Guess that's the end of current content.
>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)04:37  No.52881  L  P14R13
Anyone else not able to get the dog's affection to go higher after you complete the bone quest?
>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)05:18  No.52883  L  P15
Dug through certain places and found the list
ADDGOLD: +2k Gold
ADDHOUR: Self Explanatory
LOSEHOUR: Self Explanatory
GAINLOVE: Add a small amount of affection for all
HEART: Add a bigger amount affection for all
GIVEMETAVERN: Is explaining this really necessary?
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)17:46  No.52943  M  P16R14
Can I also get a blowjob from the carpenter?
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)21:11  No.52948  N  P17R15
>the non-mammal has the biggest tits
>the lactating cow has the smallest tits
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)22:40  No.52950  L  P18R16
doesn't contain any scene files for the carpenter, idk why he even has an affection bar...
>>Anonymous  3sep2017(su)15:57  No.53002  O  P19R17
is there a gallery code?
>>Anonymous  3sep2017(su)19:33  No.53010  P  P20R18
The game crashes when i load a save
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