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>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)09:10  No.52631  OP  P1
/r/ someone edit out stomach bulge, please

di.swf (364.2 KiB)
500x500, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)10:06  No.52636  A  P2R1
source? also op dont be such a faggot, literally the point of the flash
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)11:22  No.52638  B  P3R2
just like "what does the fox say" proved people will dance to whatever shit comes up, this proves they'll fap to anything
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)11:27  No.52640  C  P4R3
While I wont deny that, this is actually alright animation
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)12:02  No.52642  D  P5R4
>don't be such a faggot
>is a faggot about an obvious joke
Stop posting and fuck off.
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)15:33  No.52645  E  P6R5
Why is this so hot?
Help me jesus I have a boner for a stick figure.
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)03:00  No.52657  F  P7R6
Edit out the best part of the flash?
>>Nanonymous  22aug2017(tu)05:05  No.52659  G  P8R7
Ok, this is where I draw the line.
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)05:57  No.52663  H  P9R8
And is that something bad?
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)05:59  No.52664  I  P10R9
This minus 8? topkek
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)06:20  No.52667  J  P11R10
I would also like a non-bulge edit.
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)21:05  No.52681  K  P12R11
Dick Figures got explicit.
>>Anonymous  23aug2017(we)12:32  No.52696  L  P13R12
Gonna be hard, because you know - The bulge is kinda the only thing going on there.

Also: Heartfuck/Reversed-Insideout-Breastfuck
New horizons evryday, I tell ya folks.

>>Anonymous  23aug2017(we)22:42  No.52704  M  P14R13
These fuckers not getting the stomach bulge joke, Christ.
>>Anonymous  24aug2017(th)16:01  No.52732  N  P15R14
Satire is dead.
>>Anonymous  25aug2017(fr)15:14  No.52760  O  P16R15
Anorexia isn't funny guys. Please stop.
>>Anonymous  25aug2017(fr)16:29  No.52761  P  P17R16
dick figures finally got porn
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)18:26  No.52944  Q  P18R17
I'm waiting for this
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)00:40  No.52952  R  P19R18
purple nigger fix pls
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)01:36  No.52954  S  P20R19
oh, so you were just "pretending" to be retarded... Gotcha.
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)12:23  No.52972  D  P21
Stop being a faggot, you've got nothing to win here.
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)19:24  No.52985  T  P22R20
What is the original name of this?.
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)22:46  No.52988  U  P23R21
It's dead because you motherfuckers killed it. You can't be sarcastic jackasses 24/7 without people eventually taking you seriously.
>>Anonymous  3sep2017(su)16:06  No.53003  L  P24R22
Ironic Shitposting is also shitposting.
Everyone these days seems to forget that.
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