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>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)01:26  No.52624  OP  P1
Mario is Missing PUT AS3.swf (36.69 MiB)
785x500, Compressed. 10 frames, 26 fps (00:00).
Ver31, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)07:20  No.52629  A  P2R1
What changed?
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)12:11  No.52643  B  P3R2
Well. That was a nightmare
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)02:00  No.52655  C  P4R3
How do I unlock the gallery? (the gameplay it torture)
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)10:13  No.52670  D  P5R4
if i do remember, you keep pressing 1,9 and 0 at the same time
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)18:35  No.52680  E  P6R5
Unfortunately, some shit is locked behind gameplay. Like the lesbian stuff with Daisy and whatnot. He should really get about adding that to the gallery.

Also wish the dude could have brought on someone fluent in English. This dialogue is seriously painful and incredibly stifling. When you encounter Wendy's scene, she says some shit like "I'm cumming like a chubby butt pig." and I just sit there thinking.

>>Anonymous  23aug2017(we)12:30  No.52695  F  P7R6
What's wrong with chubby butt pig?
Makes my pee-wee a erection to itself the sky.
>>Anonymous  23aug2017(we)13:47  No.52701  G  P8R7
He has people contributing on github now for the dialog and even has different languages.
>>Anonymous  24aug2017(th)05:38  No.52712  A  P9R8
How is this different from peach's untold tale?
>>Anonymous  24aug2017(th)06:04  No.52714  H  P10R9
>Mario is Missing PUT
>>Anonymous  24aug2017(th)08:12  No.52717  G  P11R10
It's not different. Because it is Peach's Untold Tale.
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