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>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)02:46  No.52594  OP  P1
281028a51f643d2ec8bd5fc2837a4929.swf (8.23 MiB)
1280x768, Compressed. 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver11, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)08:06  No.52598  A  P2R1
jasonafex is a huge faggot
>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)15:17  No.52609  B  P3
There's a reason these walking arguments for euthanasia are called "furfags"
>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)17:08  No.52612  C  P4R2

Really? Great insight and deductive thinking. Few people can see it for themselves.

>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)22:03  No.52621  D  P5R3
holy fucking hell what a descriptor
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)05:19  No.52625  E  P6R4
>Anon sees something gay
>thrown into a rage

>Anon sees something furry
>frothing at the mouth

>Anon sees both
>rage has no better name

Not bad animation.
Yeah, its gay. surprise.

Big whoop.

>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)09:18  No.52632  F  P7R5
It's sad to see such talent spent this way. Instead of 99.9999% of the Earth's men being able to enjoy it only 0.0001% could.
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)12:33  No.52644  C  P8R6

Fap to it as a form of protest. Stick it to the man, literally.

>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)19:46  No.52647  G  P9R7

furries call themselves furfags more often than you do, spergaloid

>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)19:48  No.52648  B  P10
>this somehow changes my point
Yiff in hell, furfag.
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)21:33  No.52649  H  P11R8
Children, children... Settle down now, and drink your kool-aid.
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)23:04  No.52651  I  P12R9
Didn't watch the animation.
Calling artistic "talent" wasted because you don't appreciate it or not enough people do is the most entitled and retarded thing I ever hear said to artists.
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)23:38  No.52652  H  P13R10
You say this as though warrantless entitlement is the exception today and not the rule.
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)00:05  No.52653  J  P14R11

I find his remark funny because he don't see the obvious correlation:
Why the hell would upstanding members of society draw/produce anything artistic at all?
Why the hell would a straight chad, spend time and energy doing porn?

That's why "artist" and "talent"(being autismally dedicated) is closely correlated to degeneracy and faggotry.

>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)04:18  No.52658  K  P15R12
are you really talking about autism and degeneracy as a person who comes to a website to watch drawings fuck so he can whack it rather than being a productive member of society and getting a girlfriend
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)05:56  No.52662  L  P16R13
>Faggots, faggots... Settle down now, and guzzle each other's cum.
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)06:03  No.52665  M  P17R14
Someone has to make a straight version of this man :(
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)14:26  No.52677  F  P18R15
If someone spends 14 hours a day to smear images made out of shit on the street I'll be damned if I let someone tell me to not think he is wasting his talent.
>>Anonymous  23aug2017(we)00:14  No.52682  G  P19R16

Found the tard who failed art school.

>>Anonymous  24aug2017(th)16:09  No.52733  H  P20R17
Clearly you are not familiar with the 'culture' surrounding high society modern art.
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)09:40  No.52823  A  P21R18
first anon here. I have simply stated the fact that he is a faggot and you guys make a drama of it. You guys are huge faggots
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)09:42  No.52824  A  P22
get a life
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)10:09  No.52826  L  P23R19
we know who you are you dumb fuck newfag
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