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>>Anonymous  15aug2017(tu)10:34  No.52504  OP  P1

Latest Version

PaperPlastic.swf (7.54 MiB)
1024x768, Compressed. 20 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver34, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  15aug2017(tu)21:16  No.52524  A  P2R1
Anyone else really dig the art in that early flash games kinda way?
>>Anonymous  16aug2017(we)07:51  No.52539  B  P3R2
I guess it's that feeling of mystery when flash was new
and you could easily discover a new world within every flash file that was spread all around the net
>>Anon  18aug2017(fr)08:02  No.52562  C  P4R3
>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)01:50  No.52593  D  P5R4
"Yeah, I'm making this thing, I've completed fuck all in it but I'm still going to publish it, please gib money on patreon so that I can continue making this."
Why do people do this?
>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)06:06  No.52595  E  P6R5
Because there're plenty of dumbasses actually supporting them?
>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)09:57  No.52602  F  P7R6
Millennials have no kids, no house rent/loan to pay(living with parents even when they got a job), the autismbux/lard disability check is too big, they literally have no place to spend their money and no education to save it plus rich guilt.

That's the reason of this patreon/kickstarter shitfest, it's not about the product per se, they need a place to spend their money morally("I'm doing a good thing") or else they will be a selfish bourgeois who ew, save money.

>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)11:18  No.52605  B  P8R7
Millenials. The backbone of todays economy.
>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)11:30  No.52606  G  P9R8
>darn kids git off my lawn we were so much better than you
It's funny because every single generation says this once they get old enough.
>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)16:55  No.52611  F  P10R9

I'm not complaining, just pointing the facts.
Marriage rate is historic low, if they marry, being DINK is considered a better and smart choice, meanwhile they have high-paying jobs, mainly in STEM; plus they are living longer with parents/brothers instead of owing their own houses.

Show me where in history people said the same thing. The mainstream concern was/is always overpopulation.
And it's actually a good signal, people donating thousands for a porn/game scam instead of struggling for food means the economy is developed enough for this.

>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)10:10  No.52637  H  P11R10
this kids is when youre a retarted faggot who doesnt realize millenials includes people born starting at 78'

kill yourself faggot

>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)11:22  No.52639  I  P12R11
debatable. 1980's is the usual cutoff.
>>Anonymous  21aug2017(mo)12:01  No.52641  J  P13R12
>tries to call other people retarded
>can't spell "retarded"
Sure showed him.
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)05:55  No.52661  K  P14R13
>Marriage rate is historic low
Because "traditional" marriage is fucking retarded and has led to a lot of unhappy couples living a futile existence because society told them to?
>meanwhile they have high-paying jobs, mainly in STEM
Myth. Not everyone does STEM. The wage rise is little to nothing for most jobs.
>plus they are living longer with parents/brothers instead of owing their own houses.
Yes because despite low pay, the cost of living has still gone up.
>>Anonymous  23aug2017(we)12:25  No.52694  B  P15R14
I concur. People spending money on those things are still the minority off all people especially working class. Maybe they spend a lot of money, but there're still enough ape fucking monkeys out there, barely making do, having wives and lots of chrilden.
And if that's not enough, more of those in poorly developed countries (not even counting China because OMG NO WIMENZ), so ... sure feels great to live in the chosen economy of TFWNoGf and SWFPorn, amirite.
>>Anonymous  26oct2017(th)16:40  No.54562  L  P16R15
Holy shit, only on this decrepit shithole of a site could there be a fucking autistic debate this stupid on a porn flash game. Fucking hell, where's the patreon for mass euthanasia?
>>Anonymous  26oct2017(th)17:01  No.54563  J  P17
>oh damn here's some shit, fucking disgusting, let me roll around in it.
>I fucking hate this place, I think I'll stay here.
>this discussion I hate has a last post from several months ago, that's practically today, totally needs a bump bro.
Congratulations, you're now the most retarded person in here.
>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)05:39  No.54611  B  P18R16
Holy shit, only by this decrepit asshole of a guy could there be a fucking autistic bump this late on a porn flash thread. Fucking hell, where's the patreon for massive retardation?
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