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>>Anonymous  5aug2017(sa)19:31  No.52223  OP  P1
Categorizing Everything?

As of now you have ~187,939 flashes, unsure of how many are categorized.

Wondering how long it would take to categorize every flash if X number of people categorized 5 flashes each day. It would take 103 years if none of them were categorized.

>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)01:08  No.52228  A  P2R1
Most people only bother watching porn flashes so make that 1030 years.
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)03:10  No.52231  B  P3R2
A lot of it is categorized incorrectly, and a fuckton of it is trash that doesn't deserve to be categorized or even exist.
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)06:09  No.52234  OP  P4R3
Well I meant with 187,947 flashes and one person doing 5 flashes in a day, you'll get 187947/(5*365) = 102.984657534 years.
If there was twenty people the number drops to only 5 years. This is assuming they're hitting the "RND - uncategorized" button of course.
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)15:02  No.52252  A  P5R4
Your math was a bit off in your first post (X could be 1000 people) but we got what you meant. I guess you're making this thread to try and recruit a group of categorizers? Would be neat but I don't really see it happening.
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)18:16  No.52266  C  P6R5
I always categorize/de-categorize and recommend any good flashes I GET here (mostly for my collection).
Doesn't happen too often though, cause I use this as more of an archive than a daily flash base.
Also, there is a random uncategorized get option?
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)21:49  No.52270  OP  P7R6
Yeah go to
>>Anonymous  10aug2017(th)20:42  No.52380  OP  P8
Hey SWFAnts, is there a way to see how many flashes are categorized or uncategorized?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11aug2017(fr)05:59  No.52388  SWF  P9R7
There is now! I added the number to be displayed on random.asp, hard to imagine I didn't think of displaying it before. Right now 38.3% of all flashes are categorized. More than I expected!
>>Anonymous  11aug2017(fr)07:36  No.52391  OP  P10R8
Oh thanks very much!
It's at 72026 right now leaving 116003 uncategorized flashes.
So that's a lot less flashes to categorize. I hope some people come in to help each day they can. If only one person were working at this at even 20 flashes a day, it would still take 16 years to categorize anything and that's if no new flashes are added to the archive.
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